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Facebook: outrage in Juliaca for assault on women in shopping center | Peru | Society

Hundreds of outrage reactions caused a video broadcast on Facebook in which the alleged aggression against a woman is reported inside the Real Plaza shopping center in the city of Juliaca, in Fist, supposedly at the hands of a member of the security staff of the Rustic restaurant.

As it is known, the unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday night on the eve of Mother’s Day. In the video you can see a woman in tears and with traces of blood after the assault, according to the user who records the event. In addition, how an uproar is produced as a result.

The audiovisual record already has more than 150 thousand reproductions in Facebook. The woman would be a street trader who tried to enter the premises to sell sweets, but was prevented from doing so by the staff, who used violent actions against the woman such as pushing her and even hitting her.

Until this afternoon, no manager of the company has spoken about it. Neither did the representatives of the Real Plaza shopping center and neither the local authorities.

The woman would not have filed any complaint and her identity is still unknown. It was this afternoon that the company’s representatives would have decided to fire one of the security members who reacted violently against women after the video was broadcast on Facebook.

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