ESMA repressor accused of kidnapping Rodolfo Walsh arrested in Brazil

An Argentine repressor accused of having participated in the task groups of the Higher Mechanical School of the Navy (ESMA) and of having kidnapped the writer and journalist Rodolfo Walsh During the last dictatorship, he was arrested this Monday in Paraty, a region of southern Rio de Janeiro.

Is about Gonzalo “Chispa” Sánchez, 69 years old. Accused of crimes against humanity, he was captured by order of Judge Luiz Fux of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil, to be extradited to Argentina.

This will be the first extradition case on human rights issues from the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, who recently praised former dictators Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay and Augusto Pinochet of Chile.

In a statement, the Brazilian Federal Police reported that Sánchez also participated in the so-called ‘death flights’ to launch kidnapped missing prisoners into the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

“The request for preventive detention for extradition was made by the national representation of Interpol, based on information from the Red Alerts included there by the Argentine authorities,” the statement said.

Sánchez had been detained in 2013 in the city of Angra dos Reis, also on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, for extradition, but in 2016 he obtained house arrest, from which he escaped.

The repressor had settled in Brazil to work in the naval industry on the coast of the Brazilian city.

A new capture request came in 2019 and the Supreme Federal Court authorized extradition to Argentina. The recent arrest warrant was made on January 29 by Minister Fux of the Federal Supreme Court.

The institutions involved in the capture of the repressor are at the forefront of political tension in Brazil, after the resignation of the Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro.

The Federal Supreme Court investigates Bolsonaro for alleged manipulation to control Federal Police investigations.

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