ensure that there is no more place in intensive care in Italy

The Lombardy region is the most hit in Italy by the Coronavirus, with 7,280 cases out of a total of 12,462 and 617 deaths out of a total of 827

The Lombardy region is the most hit in Italy by the Coronavirus, with 7,280 cases out of a total of 12,462 and 617 deaths out of a total of 827.

For several days, doctors in that region have been in the trenches, working day and night to face an unimaginable health emergency in that country.

This is the case of Renata Ghelardi, head of the diabetes department of the Vizzolo Predabissi hospital, which is one of three in the province of Milan at the moment dedicated exclusively to facing the Covid-19, did not hide the drama that is being experienced. If the contagion fails to stop, the health system of Lombardy – the richest region in Italy – will collapse, but that of the entire country.

“There is an alarm situation, particularly related to virulence, that is, to the number of people that we have to cure in Lombardia and that at the moment we cannot cure because the intensive care places are all full,” said Ghelardi.

The doctor assured that “what worries is the virulence of the coronavirus, which is a virus that attacks easily because nobody has the antibodies and each patient who is positive is an atomic bomb for the others because they can transmit the virus, even if they are asymptomatic.”

At the Vizzolo hospital, where he works, the operating rooms were closed to duplicate intensive care.

According to the latest data from the Civil Protection, in Lombardy 1,352 positive people are in home isolation, 3,852 hospitalized with symptoms and 560 in intensive care, 94 more than the previous day.

“As the symptoms can quickly worsen and compromise the patient from the respiratory point of view, it is necessary to assist in ventilation. And a percentage of about 4% needs to be intubated, so a lot of intensive therapy is needed because 4%, anyway, it is a lot, “explained the specialist to La Nación.

“So the problem is stopping infections so that all hospitals can organize themselves. All hospitals are transforming operating rooms into intensive care, coronary units, into general intensive care, in order to make room for all those who will be in need of being tubed, “he explained.

When asked if it is true that they choose who to save, she stated: “No, it is not true that we choose who to save. It is clear that at certain times an anesthesiologist who is ahead of a 30-year-old man and an elderly man of 90 with an already complicated clinical picture, if he has to choose to give a place in intensive care, he gives it to the 30-year-old and tries to give the elderly assisted ventilation. But they are decisions that were not born with the coronavirus, but have always been taken in critical cases, “he stressed.

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