EL CAMPO, on ALERT for the stoppage of Mercosur

The Liaison Commission expressed its concern at the decision of the Foreign Ministry to withdraw from the negotiation of free trade agreements

In a statement titled “the countryside wants to continue betting on Mercosur”, Agrarian Federation, Coninagro, CRA and Rural Society lamented the rupture of the “corporate spirit of the countries and the Customs Union, for which Argentina has so much advocated since the creation of the bloc”.

“This unilateral decision by the national government seems to indicate a trend towards less opening up of our economy, with a high potential impact in terms of investment, business development and foreign trade, losing projection and insertion in international trade, so necessary today for generation of foreign exchange that our economy needs, “they assured.

With this decision, they considered, “Argentina will lose the benefits of future negotiations in third countries, both market access, as in the flow of investments, as well as the condition of market reserve at the regional level, beginning to compete openly with the new Mercosur partners. “

“Our country produces food in quantities much higher than those demanded by domestic consumption, so that exportation and the opening of new markets for its commercialization represent an irreplaceable opportunity to generate employment, economic activity and foreign exchange for the benefit of all Argentines” they added.

By virtue of this, They announced their decision to request an urgent meeting with Foreign Minister Felipe Solá to express their concern and learn about the implications of the measure adopted by the country.

In a statement, according to Télam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship reported that “international uncertainty and the very situation of our economy advise stopping the march” in the negotiations of free trade agreements between Mercosur and South Korea , Singapore, Lebanon, Canada and India, among others.

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