Egg reselling: the last rummage with tails at dawn and over 12 hours

Several people they spent the night lining up in a local Slaughterhouses to be able to buy cheap egg maples. Since the beginning of the quarantine, people began to cook more and the demand for this product 40% shot. The Poultry Chamber assures that since October 2019 its value does not increase, but in direct sales the reality is different.

The first interested parties arrived on Tuesday afternoon and spent more than 12 hours standing outdoors in the block of the place waiting for get one of the 30 numbers that are distributed in the morning. At 8 on Wednesday, the store opened and began selling the maples at 205 pesos.

The same amount of eggs in another neighborhood up to 350 pesos can be chargedThat is why many people travel from different parts of the City and they buy the product. Various, to resell. Still, the profit is small because up to six maples are sold per customer.

“The other day I came at 23 and I ran out of eggs“says a woman in dialogue with TN. He lives in Once but travels to Mataderos every 15 days and queues all night to try to get the product.

“I buy some for personal use and most of them I take to resell because in my neighborhood they are sold too expensive. I was selling them at 245, then I went up to 250, 260 and now I charge 270 “, he details.

The woman assures that it’s more of a service, since he does not earn as much money considering that he must travel to another neighborhood and spend the night at the door of the store.

Another man, who arrived at the scene at 7 p.m. Tuesday, said that buy the six maples for your family, consisting of 4 people. “A greengrocer passed me the data, I came on two previous occasions but I didn’t get a number“he explained.

Some neighbors take advantage of this offer to get ahead. A woman from Lugano he takes his six maples to sell in the neighborhood. “My husband does tourism, he was out of work and I am a nurse, and since I have two minor children I do not want to risk either,” she says of the reality that she has to live in the middle of the quarantine due to the coronavirus.

For every maple earn 85 pesos And with that she buys the basics to feed her family. “What the State gives to the neighborhoods arrives in closed boxes but they distribute it in bags and they take out the sugar, the oil,” he denounces regarding the food bags that they distribute from line 147.

While in the Capital it can be charged more than 11 pesos for each egg, in the province of Santa Fe the same product costs 6, almost half.

But this is not the only Buenos Aires establishment that offers this product at that price: in Belgrano, a store located on Avenida Balbín and Superí has ​​a maple at 230 pesos and online it is available at 260 with the possibility of paying it in up to six installments.

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