Duffy criticizes the movie “365 Days” for trivializing “sex trafficking”

British singer Duffy. EPA / FRANTZESCO KANGARIS / Archive

London, Jul 2 (EFE) .- The British singer Duffy has criticized the film on the Netflix digital platform “365 Days” (“365 days”) because, in her opinion, it deals with “erotic entertainment” the “kidnappings” and “sex trafficking”.
Duffy, 36, who triumphed on “Mercy” in 2008, has written a letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, asking him to use his influence in a “more responsible” way, according to the British tabloid “Daily Mail”.
A few months ago, the artist revealed that in the past she had been “raped, kidnapped and drugged” for four weeks.
“I encourage the millions of people who have enjoyed the film to be aware of the reality of kidnapping and trafficking, of the use of force and exploitation, of an experience that is completely opposite to the glamorous fantasy that is reflected” in the tape, the singer has written.
Duffy urges the Netflix manager to use his company’s resources to produce content that explains that reality.
In April, the artist went public as someone drugged her in a restaurant and kidnapped her for four weeks.
“They took me to a foreign country. I don’t remember getting on the plane but suddenly I was in the back of a vehicle,” he recalled.
The woman described that a man raped her in a hotel and then took her to her own home, where she was held: “I knew that my life was in immediate danger, she confessed that she wanted to kill me,” she explained.

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