Due to the historical downpipe, they made motocross in the bed of the Paraná River

Three motorcyclists broke the quarantine and taking advantage of the downpipe of the parana river were recorded driving through the sandbanks in the province of Corrientes.

Due to the lack of rain in Brazil, the Paraná has been experimenting for weeks one of the most important downspouts of the last 50 years, affecting the coasts of several provinces and generating numerous inconveniences, especially for river traffic and commercial movement.

In front of the city of Paraná, this Tuesday the records marked only 14 centimeters tall while maintaining the downward trend.

The Paraná River experiences one of the worst downspouts in the last 50 years. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Last week, the most important river in the country had registered its lowest water levels since 1887: the Barranqueras hydrometer registered 82 centimeters, and the Corrientes 70.

The dramatic situation experienced in different areas, especially in port areas, led to the Itaipú Binacional company finally being monied on Monday open the gates of the hydroelectric dam located between Brazil and Paraguay.

Although specialists assure that the reopening of the floodgates it will not be enough for the river flow to return to its normal levelThis action aims to facilitate navigation and enable commercial reactivation in the Paraguay-Paraná waterway, affected by the hydrological crisis, reported Diary 21 from Chaco.

The descent of the Paraná river generated millionaire losses. (Photo: TN and La Gente).
The descent of the Paraná river generated millionaire losses. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

In the video that came to TN and The People motorcyclists can be seen moving through the sandbanks on enduro motorcycles and filming themselves with cameras installed in their helmets and were taken in the area of Paved, in the province of Currents.

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