Due to the coronavirus, the use of public transport was cut in half in one week

The use of public transport in all its forms this week saw a 47% reduction in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), given the restrictions taken by the government due to the health crisis in the face of coronavirus.

According to records of the Ministry of Transport released this Wednesday, “both companies and individuals are complying with the instructions of the Government of reduce to the bare minimum the transfers on public roads

The data extracted from the SUBE system shows that on Tuesday, March 10, 4,205,201 users of public transport were registered, while on Tuesday the 17th the figure dropped to 2,230,426, 47% less in a week. The greatest drop was recorded among subway users.

Last Monday 2,821,856 people traveled on trains, buses and subways in the AMBA, a figure that fell 30.7% compared to the same day the previous week, in which more than four million passengers were transferred.

In the week of March 10-17, in collectives it went from 3,774,562 to 2,049,703 users, almost 48% less.

In the same period, the number of passengers in rail transport decreased from 876,265 to 455,235 (also a 48% drop), while on subways was from 654,195 users to 256,405 (60% less).

The Ministry of Transportation of the Nation created the Covid-19 Crisis and Prevention Committee in which representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires intervene.

According to AUSA records -which manages the Buenos Aires highways- there were 25% fewer cars in both directions (towards the center and the province), with 257 thousand steps this Tuesday against 341 thousand last week.

In the private sector, and according to unofficial reports from the BA Taxi application, 42% fewer trips were recorded, while in the combis service (through information provided by companies) there was an approximate 30% drop in activity.

Subway and train restrictions

From this Thursday, Argentine Trains modified rail service after the disposition of the Ministry of Transportation, and announced that the formations will stop only in certain stations.

The state company established the following operating service schedule on business days, from midnight on Thursday March 19 and until March 31 inclusive.

For its part, the formations of the six subway lines that connect the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires will make their journey from the headwaters, stopping at stations with combinations and others that are key.

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