Dollar today in Honduras: quotation of the lempira to the US dollar of March 15 (USD / HNL)

The lempira it was negotiated at 09:17 a.m. $ 24.66, which implied an increase of 0.46% compared to the previous day, when it closed with $ 24.55.

If we consider the data for the last week, the Honduran lempira / Dollar (HNL / USD) records a promotion of 0.46%, so that in interannual terms it still maintains a rise in 1.33%. In relation to past dates, he accumulated two consecutive days on the rise. The volatility figure showed a behavior clearly lower than the volatility reflected in the data from the last year, which indicates that we can say that it is going through a period of greater stability in recent times.

In the annual photo, the Honduran lempira / Dollar (HNL / USD) it has been traded at a high of $ 24.66, while its lowest level has been $ 24.12. The Honduran lempira / Dollar (HNL / USD) it is positioned closer to its maximum than its minimum.

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