Desperate search for a nine-year-old boy in Coronel Dorrego

In Coronel Dorrego, a town of just over 12 thousand inhabitants south of the Province of Buenos Aires, everything is despair. Everyone is looking for Mauricio Duarte Pico, a nine year old boy about which nothing has been known since yesterday morning.

Last time they saw him Mauricio was accompanied by his stepfather towards a pasture where sheep are raised. From that moment, the boy did not return to his house.

They also look for Mauricio on social media. (Photo: Twitter / @ PaulaSpertino).
They also look for Mauricio on social media. (Photo: Twitter / @ PaulaSpertino).

The complaint of disappearance was presented by his mother just 12 hours later. In his account with the police, he made reference to a “situation with animals” for which his partner had reprimanded his son.

After the complaint, the police deployed an operative until dawn to find the missing baby and resumed raking with the first lights on Wednesday in the city and in rural areas.

At the same time, the neighbors joined the crusade and through social networks launched a campaign spread the picture of mauritius and ask for the collaboration of the entire population of the region to find it.

At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing jeans and an embroidered colored chaperone. For any information you request to communicate at 2921-440547 or 2921-433556.

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