Demand for Covid-19 grew in some jobs

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine prepared to alleviate it completely shook the labor market in Córdoba and, in recent days, imposed a new “must” and “have” table.

Thus, the demand for certain jobs, most of them half-rated, shot up to the point of having consultants and recruiters working over the weekend and on holidays.

On the contrary, the need for other positions completely subsided and created great concern and uncertainty about the continuity of employment in its most flexible modalities in many sectors. Hospitality and metalworking are two of the most affected in Córdoba. That was the situation that was coincidentally described by managers of human resources and temporary work companies operating in the local market: Business Consultant, Adecco, Randstad and Pontius.

What are the most wanted profiles at the moment? In general, those who work in large numbers in activities except quarantine. The combination of greater demand for products (as happened to supermarkets), a decrease in workforce due to preventive licenses and a greater rotation of shifts due to sanitary security measures force many employers to go out in search of more temporary personnel.

“We recruit for all of those segments. The food industry in all its chains, from supplies to the products’ gondola: operators, repositories, logistics personnel (supply and delivery), supermarket cashiers and many nurses. Since quarantine was decreed, we have had to cover a thousand positions in the country and, among them, between 100 and 140 in Córdoba, ”said Mariano Gewerc, regional manager of Randstad.

The temp and human resources company has about 100 local clients and between 700 and 900 active temp jobs, depending on the time of year.

Carla Cantisani, Director of Services at Adecco Argentina, agrees: “The peaks of temporary personnel additions are taking place in hypermarkets and supermarkets, not only ATMs and gondola repositories but everything associated with electronic commerce: distribution and delivery of merchandise, replacement in plant and tanks. Also production operators in qualified industries of all kinds. In health, nurses, telephone service personnel in containment centers and doctors. And technology profiles (IT), since the software not only did it not stop its activity, but it is supporting many sectors in activity ”.

Cantisani also stresses that the demand for delivery people to deliver products to the home skyrocketed, even from app from delivery: “They were already our clients, but today they demand a lot from us to search for distributors,” he points out.

The 32 branches that Adecco has in the country manage, among other services, six thousand temporary workers, which in this context can rise to 6,800 in the course of a week. Active clients are more than three thousand.

Fear for April

The highly required profile map is completed with security and, above all, cleaning workers: demanded for all activities as a result of the new health security protocols. “We have a security services company and a cleaning company. In both accounts we were activated who were “asleep.” The sectors that work want to strengthen this service and the industry that is unemployed, for example, cuts cleaning but reinforces security, “said Alejandro Lanzaco, general director of the Grupo Consultores de Empresas, a firm with a total base of four thousand workers and 370 client companies. in the country. And he clarified: “In the game of ups and downs of demand for profiles, the result is negative, more than stopping is being activated.”

The consultants maintain that the companies reconfigure profiles so as not to have unproductive people, and anticipate that the critical situation will occur in late April, if the mandatory quarantine persists.

Uncertainty: Activity level

Employment, pending aid measures.

Contracts. The consultants agree that the companies did not yet have significant casualties of temporary personnel, but they analyze the situation day by day. The staff is under different frames. There are term contracts with expiration dates that end and other timeless ones.

Doubts and measures. The variables that companies look at in relation to employment is what happens to their level of activity, and how they can lead to large falls in income and salary payments. And the state legal measures that are being arranged. They are also looking for agreements with their employees: vacation advances, shorter working hours.

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