Deaths and infections by coronavirus in a geriatric hospital in San Martín: mass tests are demanded

They denounce deaths by coronavirus and multiple infections in one geriatric of San Martin. Also the presence of patients with symptoms and the lack of testing of the residents of the place. This is the establishment “El Amanecer”, located in the city of Villa Lynch. Andrés, the relative of one of the older adults, said that the cases multiplied in recent days. “There began to be contagion everywhere,” he assured in dialogue with TN.

“This is one of the first nursing homes that had a case of coronavirus, about a month ago. At that time they referred a grandfather and did the swabbing. Then new cases appeared, all in the room on its five floors, and also they were isolating them. But from there contagion started everywhere“said the man, who claimed that several residents died in different hospitals because of the disease.

Also, Andrés denounced the lack of testing in the establishment. “Some 40 and not all the staff have been separated and now they are still contagious,” he said, adding that they were told by PAMI that they do not have the necessary elements to carry out the tests.

For his part, Jonathan, the owner of the place, reported the death of five older adults who were transferred from the institution. “We have 80 grandparents. Of the 19 who were referred, 5 died,” he said.

In this situation, he stressed the importance of tests to detect the disease early. “When the older adult has a fever, it is because he is already quite advanced. With the last swab we realized that we had to refer three males and one female who were fine and did not have any symptoms. So, what we really want is for them to“, argument.

Regarding the tests carried out so far, he added: “Three floors of the nursing home were swabbed with the municipality.” However, he argued that by protocol of PAMI they are not allowed to extend the tests to the rest of the residents, since “you can’t swab if people don’t have symptoms “.

“For me, the easiest thing would be for them to evacuate the nursing home and stay at my house. But you can’t do that. We are trying to make everything work out in the best possible way with the tools we have “he finished.

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