Daniel Griboff: I see Córdoba with its own strategy in foreign trade

Daniel Griboff is just 46 years old, but the poise of a consolidated career. His company, Dagri SA, is dedicated to consulting services, customs broker and general coordination of loads and outsourcing.

–What role can Córdoba play in global trade in the next decade?

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–Córdoba was always characterized, for this Mediterranean issue, for being creative and, in some way, for rebelling against certain issues. We have always sought to be competitive.

–What items will be the spearhead for a smarter and more beneficial integration?

–We have industries that have transcended borders, in the food sector, and at the moment, by virtue of the knowledge economy law, we are thinking of firms that are internationalizing and growing in the food industry. software. Everyone is worried and thinking, 10 years from now, about the need to add value. In this sense, I see Córdoba with its own strategy to position its products in the world.

Daniel Griboff, President of Dagri SA. (Pedro Castillo)

–As the country brand exists, would it be illogical to think of a Córdoba brand?

–For me it would be a brilliant strategy, differentiate ourselves in the sense that, beyond the context in which the country can operate, which is changing, the reality is that Córdoba should be an island and propose that whoever does business with Córdoba, It will have certain conditions that will not be modified, regardless of what happens at the country level.

– Should we focus on any particular item, for example, agri-food?

–We have everything and we can be strong in whatever we want. The challenge, in reality, is to be better in the areas that we have today: food, automotive, to think that technology has to be a development leg of each of the industries. Industry 4.0 is that. We have to be more efficient and better.

–Do we have the intelligence for that, in resources, in leaders?

–It is necessary to seek a permanent interaction between the public and the private. It is very important for feedback. The objective is for Córdoba to be inserted in the world with its own offices, permanently negotiating. There the future can be very auspicious.

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