Criticism of the opposition to the sayings of Axel Kicillof: “It is a shame that you transform a conference into a campaign talk”

After the current Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, question the management of his predecessor in office, Maria Eugenia Vidal, during the last press conference in which the president Alberto Fernández announced the extension of the quarantine, several leaders of Together for Change came out to support the former provincial president and criticized the position of the former Minister of Economy.

During the meeting with journalists in the Quinta de Olivos, the former head of the Palacio de Hacienda maintained that, since taking office in the province of Buenos Aires, he managed to double the number of beds for intensive care in hospitals, since the health system in this district “it was deteriorated”.

One of the first leaders to express their support for Vidal was the national deputy Cristian Ritondo, who considered that “It is a shame that once again Governor Axel Kicillof uses an informative and health press conference in the midst of an acute crisis and turns it into a campaign talk”, in addition to accusing him of “missing the truth”.

“During María Eugenia Vidal’s tenure, we focused on the guards, who are the heart of public hospitals and where 7 million people are cared for each year. We took SAME to 119 districts, benefiting 13,700,000 residents, “he highlighted on his Twitter account.

In this sense, Ritondo assured that during the administration of Cambiemos in Buenos Aires, 200 Primary Health Care Centers (Red AMBA) were put on their feet “and he trusted that” the people of Buenos Aires are clear about it and that today allows us to take better care of lives of the Province “, although he regretted that “some instead of recognizing it prefer to attack and lie.”

For his part, the mayor of Vicente López, Jorge MacriHe also used this same social network to defend the former provincial president, just when Kicillof was speaking: “The governor did not know how the Province was before María Eugenia Vidal. Before SAME, before all the new Guards, several renovated hospitals. The world does not start when you arrive … “, he said.

The cousin of former President Mauricio Macri took the opportunity to also request the economic reopening of more sectors by pointing out that “The virus spreads both in a hypermarket and in a neighborhood store”. “Let neighborhood businesses survive by selling the same items that a Hiper sells!” He demanded of Kicillof.

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