Creative Quarantine: Replaced scenes from famous movies with photos of his dogs and broke it

In times of confinement and much boredom, an Instagram user in Australia decided to overturn his creativity using the image of his pets in famous movie scenes and the result is great.

“With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, I thought there is no better time than now to unleash creativity and practice some Photoshop skills. Fortunately, our two dogs, Summer and Apollo are well trained in the art of posing for Instagram and they were more than willing to cooperate in the photos for some additional goodies ”, he explained on the page Bored Panda.

Tag someone who needs a reminder that they are perfect as they are ❤️

Bill, miloki_samoyeds, He has almost 37,000 followers on Instagram.

They were recorded in Photoshop in scenes from famous movies on our Instagram page for some lighthearted entertainment and laughter and to spread some positivity during these uncertain times.

May the Fourth be with you!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Shoobs

Whatever you think happened may or may not have happened … Myla did.

No one puts Summie in the corner ? # dirtydancing

Sitting in a basket and being led by you is better than running beside him, human – Polly #et

Summie and the Tramp ?? Polly looks like a guy who has no idea what to say or do on a first date and Sums says “where’s my fake emergency call”

Without a doubt, the combination was a success and both Summer as Apollo strengthen their stellarity on social networks.

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