“COVID cakes”: how confectioners manage to create coronavirus-inspired cake designs

The birthdays now They are different. Changed the way of celebrating, in the confinement of the home, alone or accompanied by the people with whom you live, but that does not prevent a rich and delicious cake not being present at the table.

Since the coronavirus pandemic had its first case in the city of Wuhan, China, gastronomy was a focus of creativity. Many calmed their anxiety by making homemade bread, while others decided to joke around a bit and take inspiration from this unexpected situation the world is going through. Thus, on Instagram they began to see each other the “COVID cakes”, creative cakes with designs that play with alcohol gel, chinstraps, toilet paper and even the virus itself.

This trend, like many of the pastry, it also came to our country. And the local pastry chefs adapted it into their cakes thanks to some customers who commissioned them to celebrate their birthdays in quarantine.

The first to make a “COVID cake” was Carolina Zelikson, creator of Carolina’s Cookies, who made her first cake of this style before the mandatory quarantine for an order that, as she acknowledged in a dialogue with Infobae, she never knew who it was for, although she believes that it was for a biochemist or an infectologist.

They wanted a virus shaped cake and they asked me what I could do to them, and I was inspired by the WhatsApp emoji. The base was made with sablée dough, it had dulce de leche, the Swiss meringue was dyed with green food coloring and the little pricks of the virus were made with green fondant.

The coronavirus-inspired cake by Carolina's Cookies
The coronavirus-inspired cake by Carolina’s Cookies

Its creator said that when he published this photo on his Instagram account generated great controversy among his followerss since some said it was of “bad taste” recreating a cake at this critical moment; others, however, they thought it was a creative moment.

Days later, already in quarantine and isolated, without relatives who could attend the second celebration of the little one, the choreographer Flavio Mendoza celebrated the birthday of his son Dionisio. The theme chosen was the coronavirus, and the cake was a “COVID cake” created by Mariela Lusinian, of The Capkeria.

The design created by Mariela Lusinian, devised together with Marcela Román to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Dionisio, the son of Flavio Mendoza
The design created by Mariela Lusinian, devised together with Marcela Román to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Dionisio, the son of Flavio Mendoza

“The virus theme seemed to us a way of create visual and impactful awareness for children. Mainly the goal was encourage hand washing, with an open tap on the cake that pretended to be COVID-19 ”, the pastry chef told in dialogue with Infobae.

Mariela Lusinian He also said that it was made in green because it is the color of health, and that it has hearts because “he believes that love for family, friends it is very important to carry this difficult moment in the best way, and somehow grow all of us as better human beings ”.

What ingredients did this striking second-year cake from Flavio Mendoza’s son have? The sponge cake was sweet vanilla, moistened with syrup and filled with dulce de leche buttercream. Sealed with chocolate ganache to add moisture and structure to the cake. And lined in fondant. The decoration was also made of edible pasta.

The cake with a chinstrap by Moca Bakery (Photos: @mocabycatamoroni)
The cake with a chinstrap by Moca Bakery (Photos: @mocabycatamoroni)

Catherine Moroni was the winner of the “Buddy Latin America Challenge”, the pastry contest of the pastry chef Buddy Valastro, and created his own venture Moca Bakery with his creative cakes made in fondant.

At the beginning of the quarantine, Catalina told Infobae He started by assembling boxes with sweet pastry delicacies for breakfasts and snacks, leaving out the decorated cakes, but his audience kept writing to him to make “COVID cakes”. And that’s how the first order came in.

The first coronavirus cake that Catalina Moroni made in quarantine inspired by COVID-19 (Photos: @mocabycatamoroni)
The first coronavirus cake that Catalina Moroni made in quarantine inspired by COVID-19 (Photos: @mocabycatamoroni)

“The first was from a woman who told me all the products she was using as she was obsessed. I gave the toilet paper a little shape and wrote a nice message from “Stay home, there will be time to celebrate.” Then came the request for the virus, which was from some friends for another who sent it to her as a gift and I made that one as a vanilla sponge cake with dulce de leche, meringues and chocolate chips ”.

The cake ordered by some friends for another (Photos: @mocabycatamoroni)
The cake ordered by some friends for another (Photos: @mocabycatamoroni)

Moroni also made a cake that mixed fashionism and coronavirus, with a Louis Vuitton chinstrap for a client who was turning her age and who always places her order on these dates and did not want to be left without celebrating it. “He asks me every year and he said:‘ make me a cake with a mask and everything, I don’t want to run out of cake


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