Coronavirus: what is “Culture at home”, the free platform launched by the Buenos Aires Government

The Buenosairean government launched this Sunday the Culture at home platform for, in times of preventive and compulsory isolation, bring content that entertains and educates, in the midst of spread of coronavirus.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Culture, Enrique Avogadro, He explained that in order to “continue building community and be close to neighbors despite the distance” they proposed this project that allows connect with culture in one click.

“The platform points out that in a moment of such difficulty it is important to be close and give the possibility through culture that people can connect, since culture links us to our identity,” the minister told and announced that next Friday the web “is going to be 100%” with all content uploaded.

“It is a proposal that seeks that everyone from our homes can continue to meet culture, through a free digital platform with a series of contents that will allow us to enjoy recitals, plays, films and virtual visits “, he pointed. Among other attractions, you can “enter” the Teatro Colón, the Usina del Arte, the Recoleta Cultural Center and other spaces such as libraries, museums, which are closed but have material to offer.

In addition, the minister indicated that there will be a children’s section with workshops, activities and content, which complements the proposal of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education; and another tutorials section from different artistic disciplines, such as one to learn how to play the guitar that come from the training plans in artistic activities of the Ministry. “Together with the teachers of these programs, we propose that everyone from their home have the possibility of give these courses remotely“he pointed out to the minister.

With respect to origin of contentAvogadro explained that, for the moment, most of them belong to the Ministry of Culture of the City and its different spaces. Although he stressed that, in parallel, they can be found microvideos of different artists, which they did in a disinterested way, in which They recommend a book, a movie and a disc What do you like.

Every day on the platform they are going to propose featured content. For example, this Sunday you can see the “Turandot Experience”, which shows step by step how the play was put together at the Teatro Colón, as well as the final result.

Days ago, when the Ministry of Education launched the platform “We continue educating”, it announced that together with Enacom they had achieved a agreement with telephone companies so that its use does not consume data, and then the entity requested use the internet responsibly so as not to collapse bandwidth.

In this line, the Buenos Aires Minister of Culture assured that he has a pending appeal to the Entity for this and other issues. “We will adapt to any requirement of the organism, like lowering the quality so that it occupies a lower bandwidth ”, he assured.

Avogadro also highlighted that, just as Buenos Aires Minister of Education Soledad Acuña had already announced, “the city ​​public media are also reaching out to neighbors with educational content for school students “and they will be adding them to the public culture platform.

Accompanying risk groups

As part of the press conference this Sunday, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires also launched the #MayoresCuidados Program, aimed at assisting older adults during the mandatory quarantine.

In turn, he made a agreement with the Single Union of Workers in Income and Horizontal Buildings (SUTERH) for building managers and gatekeepers reinforce cleaning of the common spaces, control the neighbors who must do the mandatory quarantine for travel or contact with someone who traveled and attend risk groups who live in their buildings.

Coronavirus in the City of Buenos Aires

On the second day of social, preventive and mandatory quarantine decreed by the Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus began with the news of the death of a 67-year-old woman in Luján. Also registered 67 new infected, of which 29 reside in Capital. Added to those of the previous days, they count 225 cases at the national level.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta applauded the high compliance of the measure established from zero hours last Friday by the National Government. However, he lamented for all those who did not comply.

As reported by the deputy head of the Buenos Aires Government, Diego Santilli, this Saturday, on the second day of the mandatory quarantine, the subways porteños had a 97% less passengers, while users of collectives decreased by 83% and those of taxis in a 77%.

“We have deployed 140 daily operations, Joint City Police, Federal and Buenos Aires “, said the official and stressed that this Saturday 91 people were delayed of which 34 were detained, “all with judicial intervention”.

At the same time, 21 vehicles were hijacked and there was 4,811 complaints from neighbors at 147 by people who violated the quarantine.

Regarding the possible extent of the measureLarreta clarified that this will be a decision that will be taken in conjunction with the National Government.

Coronavirus: what are the symptoms and how to prevent it

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