Coronavirus: What Happens to Earnings Deduction Submissions

The Federal Administration of Public Income (AFIP) postponed until April 30 the web presentation of form 572, corresponding to income tax deductions, and extended until June 30 the digital deliveries of sworn statements referring to 35 procedures.

It did so through general resolutions 4685 and 4686/2020 published today in the Official bulletin.

Form 572 allows dependent workers to report the items to be deducted from Income tax; the perceptions they practiced on him; and other income obtained in the case of moonlighting.

With this information, the AFIP makes the readjustment to determine if the worker is entitled to a refund.

The filing of the form 572 corresponding to each fiscal period is carried out until March 31, inclusive, of the year immediately following the one declared.

The AFIP decided to extend the usual terms for one month, because experience shows that collecting the information leads taxpayers to carry out the burden on the due date.

To prevent preventive and compulsory social isolation from affecting the procedure, the agency considered it appropriate to keep open the possibility for workers in dependency relationships to make the presentation.

On the other hand, the AFIP determined that until June 30, 2020 it will be mandatory to make a series of presentations digitally that until now were made in person.

Thus, 35 procedures were incorporated that must be completed through the AFIP web service called Digital Presentations.

To access it, it is necessary to have a Tax Code, and the system allows the taxpayer to see what state the process is in as well as cancel it and keep a backup copy.

AFIP stressed that it works on different measures to alleviate the situation of all taxpayers within the framework of preventive and compulsory social isolation.

One of the sectors that will be understood by the policies of the body that conducts Mercedes Marcó del Pont are the monotributistas.

While moving forward with the design of these tools, the AFIP established a series of measures to facilitate procedures and guarantee benefits.

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