Coronavirus | What are the 13 authorized points to enter the city of Buenos Aires

To avoid further spread of the coronavirus in the City of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires government will close, from this Tuesday afternoon, 59 of the 110 accesses that the Federal Capital has in order to avoid the circulation of vehicles within the framework of the social, preventive and compulsory isolation provided by the National Government.

As explained the deputy head of government, Diego Santilli, the City has 84 accesses of vehicular traffic, of which only 25 will be enabled. Of these, 12 will be exclusive for public transport, so only 13 will allow the passage of private cars.

The authorized points and those that do not, in the City of Buenos Aires. Credits: Press – City Government.

The security operative It will cancel the circulation through 59 points of the City: fences will be placed and there will be a police presence. Only passage in the event of a verifiable emergency will be allowed. The measure is known on the fifth day of total quarantine, a decision by the Casa Rosada to combat the coronavirus.

The steps enabled

Ricardo Balbín Highway (Buenos Aires – La Plata) in the La Boca neighborhood.

Avellaneda Bridge in the La Boca neighborhood.

Pueyrredón Bridge in the Barracas neighborhood.

Alsina Bridge in the Nueva Pompeya neighborhood.

La Noria Bridge in the Villa Riachuelo neighborhood.

Crossing of Coronal Julio Argentino Roca Avenue in the Villa Riachuelo neighborhood.

Junction of the Luis Dellepiane Highway and General Paz Avenue in the Villa Lugano neighborhood.

Crossing of Av. Eva Perón in the Mataderos neighborhood.

Crossing of Av. Rivadavia in the Liniers neighborhood.

Crossing of Av. San Martín from Villa Devoto neighborhood.

North Access junction of the Saavedra neighborhood.

Crossing of the Av. Cabildo of the Núñez neighborhood.

West access to the Versailles neighborhood.

“From this afternoon, and until tomorrow, the City will leave the pedestrian crossings with control open, and of the 84 vehicular accesses, 59 will be fenced. Of the 25 steps that will remain open, 12 will be exclusively for public transport, and the other 13, for vehicles, “said the official at a press conference.

Santilli stressed that since Friday, 839 delayed people are registered in the City, which were made available to the Justice, which will determine whether they are detained or, yes, even, a criminal proceeding is opened.

“We need people to comply with the isolation, which serves to care for our family and our children,” Santilli insisted.

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