Coronavirus: wanted to break the quarantine and brutally beat up the building guard

A man brutally assaulted security personnel from your neighborhood, tried to prevent his departure, since it was in quarantine. The assault occurred in Vicente López, this Saturday at 9:20 pm, when a resident of Calle Rosales at 2700 wanted to leave and, as they did not let him, he reacted to the blows.

A call to 911 alerted the Vicente López Municipal Patrol Command to what had happened and, at the scene, they found that the surveillance personnel were injured.

According to information, Miguel Ángel Paz returned from abroad last Thursday and attempted to escape the coronavirus quarantine protocol. When warned by a security employee who asked him to return home, the violent man reacted to the blows.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police activated the Coronavirus Action Protocol: they requested support units and two SAME ambulances. Both individuals were isolated. The security personnel was referred to Houssay Municipal Hospital and the aggressor returned to his home to comply with the home quarantine.

Now the attacker faces a cause for injuries and threats, but could also face an infraction for the violation of Art. 205 (jeopardizing general health) and Art. 239 (crime of disobedience) of the Penal Code.

The case was left to the Federal Court of San Isidro and, in turn, the prosecutor Martín Gómez, from the UFI of Vicente López, intervened.

At present, there is a patrol at the door of Paz’s home of slogan to prevent the man from trying to leave his home again.

The Municipality of Vicente López recommended to all residents in the area that, in response to a similar event, call 109, in order to act quickly and to be able to arrive in an articulated manner with Health and Safety personnel.

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