Coronavirus: Volunteers are summoned to assist older adults during quarantine

At a press conference, the Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta announced this Sunday the launch of a volunteer program to assist older adults and another aimed at promoting culture through a digital platform.

The Chief of Buenos Aires Cabinet, Felipe Miguel was in charge of giving the details about this plan, called #MajorCare program, which aims to “accompany risk groups”, like older adults, mainly in daily logistics: how to buy food or medicines.

In tune with the project announced by Rodríguez Larreta to design public policies to deal with the coronavirus, Miguel highlighted the concern of the Buenos Aires Government for older adults, who “they are alone in their houses and need assistance”.

“In the City of Buenos Aires there are many people who want to help, let’s help them help“, began by saying the chief of the Buenos Aires cabinet within the framework of this program that summons neighbors, NGOs and companies and provide you with tools so you can coordinate to help older adults who need it.

The program contemplates phone calls for those who are alone and need company. As well as logistics tools so that they can be assisted in their essential purchasesif they need walk a pet, among other services.

However, volunteers must meet a number of requirements in order to do so. “Only those will be able to carry it out who have not traveled abroad, who have not been in contact with someone who has been traveling, have no symptoms and that do not belong to risk groups“Miguel explained.

As the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff explained, this project was designed with specialists in the elderly and will be coordinated by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

The call was opened from this Sunday through a form that the interested parties must complete with their personal data and a sworn statement in which the person agrees that he meets the requested requirements. The campaign will be launched on Thursday officially, with all the information.

Goalkeepers will also help

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires also announced a agree with the Single Union of Workers of Income and Horizontal Building (SUTERH) for improve hygiene and cleanliness in frequently used spaces.

“We are going to work as a team with the managers of the buildings. We signed an agreement with SUTERH to provide solidarity assistance and implement good practices to benefit owners and tenants of buildings, “said Miguel.

The agreement consists in that the doormen and building managers must reinforce the cleaning of those spaces of greater use such as electric doormen or the elevator keypad. As well as, proceed to closing of common spaces, sinks, grills or SUM.

But the agreement also contemplates a solidary task for assist neighbors who can’t get out and another for control who must quarantine mandatory.

“They are going to have a very important role in quarantine control, they are going to report to the administrators and they are going to denounce the 137, at the national level, and the 147, arranged by the City, to report the cases of quarantine offenders, “said the Buenos Aires official.

According to the assistance to risk groupsMiguel stressed that it reaches “those who may need assistance, a product from the pharmacy, etc.”

In this line, from the Buenos Aires Government they assured that they will guarantee the workers of buildings that they have the necessary labor flexibility to fulfill this solidarity aid.

“We understand the anguish that this situation generates. If part of this anguish can be channeled through solidarity action, we can help to cope with this situation in the best possible way and move forward to resume our life as soon as possible,” Miguel concluded.

Culture at home: to connect during isolation

The Buenosairean government also launched the Culture at home platform to bring culture to the homes of its neighbors in the midst of the preventive and compulsory isolation that Argentines are experiencing in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Culture, Enrique Avogadro, He explained that in order to “continue building community and be close to neighbors despite the distance” they proposed this project that allows you to connect with culture in a single click.

“It is a proposal that seeks that everyone from our homes can continue to meet culture, through a free digital platform with a series of contents that will allow us to meet with recitals, plays, movies, virtual tours to our spaces, the best programming of those cultural spaces that we are proud of, such as the Colón Theater, the Usina del Arte, the CC Recoleta and other spaces such as libraries, museums, which are closed but we intend to continue connecting with those emotions that culture awakens, “said the official.

Preventive and compulsory isolation in the City

On the second day of the social, preventive and mandatory quarantine decreed by the Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it began with the news of the death of a 67-year-old woman. Also registered 67 new infected, of which 29 reside in Capital. Added to those of the previous days, they count 225 cases.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta applauded the high compliance with the measure established from zero hours last Friday by the National Government. However, he lamented for all those who did not comply.

As reported by the deputy head of the Buenos Aires Government, Diego Santilli, this Saturday, on the second day of the mandatory quarantine, the Buenos Aires subways had 97% fewer passengers, while bus users decreased by 83% and taxi users by a 77%.

“We have deployed 140 daily operations, Joint City Police, Federal and Buenos Aires “, said the official and stressed that this Saturday 91 people were delayed of which 34 were detained, “all with judicial intervention”.

At the same time, 21 vehicles were hijacked and there was 4,811 complaints from neighbors at 147 by people who violated the quarantine.

Regarding the possible extension of the measure, Larreta clarified that this will be a decision that will be taken in conjunction with the National Government.

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