Coronavirus | Those who went to the coast will not be able to return until the end of the quarantine

The image was repeated over and over again. Hundreds of cars lined up to enter Pinamar, Villa Gesell and Monte Hermoso. The tourists, although the mayors had asked them not to do so, went in a caravan to enjoy the beach while the Government limited circulation and announced the quarantine. Now, they must wait there until the end of social and preventive isolation. This was confirmed by the Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic.

This means that these people, who traveled on the eve of the decree of President Alberto Fernández, they won’t be able to go home until March 31 or later if the government extends the quarantine.

“Those who went to spend the weekend on the coast or anywhere else in the country they must remain there until the end of the mandatory quarantine. The security forces will prevent them from passing, “he warned.

In this way, Minister Frederic will seek to dissuade this group of people and others who want to imitate them to comply with “social, preventive and compulsory isolation,” as she considered in Radio Rivadavia.

Unless they have a very justified reason, they should turn around and go back where they came from. We are going to make a lock “, concluded the Minister of Security.

“You are not from here!”

On March 19, when the entire country was waiting for the announcement that Alberto Fernández was going to make – and that it would consist of total isolation – thousands of tourists lined up to enter Pinamar and Villa Gesell.

The situation generated the anger of the neighbors who went to the entrances to the cities to avoid them. “Skinny if you’re not from Pinamar, tomatelá, the c … of your mother “, insulted one of the motorists who, disobeying the government’s order to avoid mobilizing, had made a “getaway” to the coast.

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