Coronavirus: they will enable exclusive accesses to the City for health professionals

The Buenosairean Government will implement modifications in the accesses to the City of Buenos Aires as of this Thursday. The measure aims to prioritize the movement of health and safety personnel, as well as to facilitate the food supply and essential goods.

Thus, there will be 33 accesses enabled: 20 exclusive for health personnel, buses and cargo transportation and 13 for health personnel and vehicles that have permission to circulate.

The decision is made after highways and avenues collapsed this Wednesday after large numbers of motorists without permission to drive congested accesses. “There were doctors who took up to two hours to reach the hospitals,” said the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, in Two voices.

The health and safety personnel You will be able to enter and leave the City through all the authorized points, whether they are for public transport, trucks or for general use. The priority for them will be for the left lane.

At these accesses, efforts will be made to organize the transit as follows: left lane health and safety personnel may circulate; for him central, private cars that have authorization and, for the right, trucks and buses.

The exclusive income will be the crossings February 27; Av. De los Corrales; Juan B. Justo; Av. Of the Constituents; Av. Francisco Beiró; Juan B. Alberdi; Av. Mosconi Tinogasta; Av. Francisco Fernández de la Cruz; Pedro de Mendoza Bridge; Emilio Castro; Cooper Street; Victor Hugo; Av. Lope de Vega; Ricardo Gutiérrez; Emilio Lamarca; Ricardo Balbín; Del Libertador Avenue; Victorino de la Plaza; Olympic Bridge South Bank.

The amount of accesses for heavy traffic. Among them, the Victorino de la Plaza bridge stands out (bridge between Pompeii and Bosch Bridge, which gives access from the Province to Vélez Sarsfield avenue, then Entre Ríos and Callao). In addition, it will be enabled with the aim of decompressing Pueyrredón Bridge and speeding up the delivery and provision of food.

Aerial view of an entrance highway to the City of Buenos Aires. (Photo: EFE)
Aerial view of an entrance highway to the City of Buenos Aires. (Photo: EFE)

The Buenosairean government informed that the control operation on the Pueyrredón Bridge will move 1500 meters to allow a better distribution of traffic. Until now it had been located above the Riachuelo, but from Thursday it will run, locating itself before reaching Suárez Avenue.

Finally, a new post with traffic officers in the three entrance lanes to the City. It will be located at the height of the Usina del Arte and will start operating at five in the morning. This control will strengthen those on the Province side in Dock Sud and Hudson, in coordination with the Province of Buenos Aires, as detailed.

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