Coronavirus: they denounce that a mayor of Salta fired tourists and abandoned them in a truck in Jujuy

Amid fear of the spread of coronavirus in the province of Salta an unusual and unworthy situation was experienced. They denounce that a contingent of 26 tourists who traveled from the Salta town of Iruya in a truck from that municipality it was “abandoned as cattle in Humahuaca”.

This was stated by the mayor of Humahuaca, Karina Paniagua. “We learned that yesterday afternoon, through the security personnel who control the entrance to our city, a truck dropped off tourists from Iruya reason why I appersone to verify the situation “, Paniagua related to Telam.

He said that “26 tourists drifted like cattle and they left “reason why the official reported the situation to the authorities of the Emergency Operative Committee for the coronavirus and to Governor Gerardo Morales himself.

The tourists who were expelled from Salta. (Photo: Clarín).

The official accused the authorities of Iruya for moving people when they “knew that Humahuaca does not allow tourists to enter. “

Other sources noted that the bus line that was to collect tourists did not attend Given this situation, the municipality of Salta agreed to transfer them to the city of Humahuaca, having to travel about 70 kilometers to connect with National Route 9.

Later, the tourists -all Argentineans- continued traveling on their own to their places of residence.

In Humahuaca like other municipalities in the Broken the determination of not allow the entry of national and foreign tourists, nor of people who do not have residence in the town, adhering to the government’s provisions to close the borders due to the health emergency against the coronavirus.

“Beyond this fact that arose, the situation regarding tourism measures is controlled; people here are becoming aware of prevention,” he said.

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