Coronavirus | The most incredible excuses of those who violated the quarantine

Federal forces have detained more than 1,200 people in Argentina since quarantine was decreed for the coronavirus, while more than 20,000 were delayed and notified to comply with the isolation in their homes.

When questioned by the security forces about why they were on the street without complying with the mandatory social isolation imposed by the Government since last Friday, they were heard the most unusual excuses.

A man who was driving on the Pan American in a utility truck driving in flip flops (something that is not allowed) assured “have no idea” that there was a quarantine and that it was forbidden to leave the home.

A plumber tried to violate the insulation saying that “A client was having her house flooded” and that he should go to her aid. Or the man who in the middle of July 9 said that he was going to Mar del Plata to take care of his mother, but he could never corroborate an address in La Feliz where the woman lived. However, yes he had two surfboards in his car.

Another person who had boards in his car got all the attention this Tuesday. He was detained in a control over the Panamericana, and said that he was returning from Brazil to his house to comply with the quarantine, and that at the border he had signed an affidavit but that the temperature was not taken.

In Boedo, a neighbor said that “I was bored with the running of the bulls”. But honesty doesn’t serve as an excuse, so she had to go home and find other fun than walking.

In Recoleta, another person who was jogging explained that he had to go out to exercise because had detected that “he had high glucose”, and needed to lower it with a little physical activity.

There was also another case: a couple who he entered the Río de La Plata on the Quilmes waterfront, hand in hand and less than a meter away from each other. “We came to refresh ourselves for a little while and we are leaving,” they told those who were watching that the quarantine be respected.

The young Chinese man who went hunting pokemons.

To close, an unusual event occurred in the streets of San Telmo. A Chinese citizen was detained for violating the quarantine because He came out to play Pokemon Go. The City Police detected the young man circulating, and upon request for some documentation that would enable him to be on the street during the mandatory isolation, the man had no way to justify himself.

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