Coronavirus: the director of the Chaco hospital has been infected, who receives all infected cases

Nancy Trejo, the director of the Perrando Hospital in the city of Resistencia, confirmed that have coronavirus and joins the list of more than ten health professionals who work in that center and are infected.

The news was of great impact for the province, since that hospital is the most important in the area due to its size and medical relevance.

For a few days, Trejo she was isolated at home waiting for the test results, since she had had symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

In dialogue with the local environment City TVTrejo said he had a headache on Wednesday. “I am fever-free, asymptomatic and in very good general condition,” he clarified.

The test results were received on Friday night. “At the Hospital, we have taken precautions and followed the biosafety regulations; I have not had close contact with any previous known case and I have gone through all the services permanently, maintaining direct contact with other professionals who are sick today “, explained the 61-year-old director.

The last time Trejo appeared in public was with the provincial Minister of Health, in an act where they delivered new respirators. From the Chaco government, they clarified that this meeting was before the director presented symptoms.

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