Coronavirus: the Book Fair was suspended due to the pandemic

With a statement released today, the Fundación El Libro, the organizer of the fair, announced its postponement. The 46th edition, which was to take place between April and May, is suspended under the provisions of national and municipal decrees as a measure for the prevention of coronavirus.

The preparations for the fair in the Rural de Palermo estate were scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, with the admission of book professionals on the 28th of that month and the general public on the 30th.

“These preparations include activity and transit of more than a hundred people, and the three professional days, of more than ten thousand. The FEL, aware of its responsibilities not only for the realization of the Fair, which already has 45 editions, but also for the one that fits it from the social point of view, considers absolutely pertinent the decisions emanating from both national and City authorities, which protect the health of the population, from now on will focus on solving the multiple issues that arise from these circumstances that are not alien to us, as well as insurmountable to our will, “they said in a statement.

Issue number 46 followed what many consider historical due to the leading role of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who presented there, together with the president of the Fundación El Libro, Sincerely.

The 46th edition was scheduled between April and May (Photo: DYN)

The city invited for this new edition that is now on hold was Havana, as Barcelona was last year.

It had also been announced that the sociologist Horacio González, former director of the National Library, was to be in charge of the opening speech.

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