Coronavirus | The Army distributed more than a ton of food and cleaning supplies in the suburbs

The army delivered more than a ton of food and cleaning supplies in the most humble neighborhoods of Quilmes. The operation was organized together with the municipality as part of the actions carried out to collaborate with those who have the least during compulsory social isolation to combat the coronavirus.

The historical Regiment of Patricians, Grenadiers on Horseback and Artillery Regiment 1 were in charge of distributing the food provided by the municipal government and various non-governmental organizationsas a report by Telenoche.

“There are six units assigned with ten soldiers each. Each truck carries a thermo-container that contains between 250 and 300 servings of food“Said Captain Ezequiel Salinas, of Regiment 1 which is based in Palermo.

The Army, the help that always appears in cases of emergency. (Photo: AFP).

In the La Matera neighborhood, in the west of the municipality, there were more than 100 people waiting with their containers to receive their portion of noodle stew with homemade bread and some empanadas, always complying with the social distance and many taking a portion for an older neighbor it can’t come out.

Silvio Sarti, deputy director of Civil Protection for the municipality of Quilmes, stated: “In the framework of compulsory isolation, it was thought that it would be necessary to reinforce tasks in support of citizens, so collaboration with the Army was requested for food distribution ”.

In addition to the municipal government and the Armed Forces, several local companies and social organizations make donations and transfer their facilities, as the Quilmes club did for the Army to base.

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