Coronavirus: the Argerich Hospital guard is in “operational collapse” and isolated 16 people who were in contact with the deceased patient

The Argerich Hospital, where Argentina’s first coronavirus death occurred, is in “operational collapse” and at least 16 people who were in contact with the deceased were isolated preventively.

The first data is clear from a letter signed by Dr. Roberto Veneroni, head of the Argerich Monday, where he states that that sector is in “operational collapse”. As he could tell Infobae, the letter was addressed to SAME and PAMI so that no more patients were sent given the flow of people who went to the hospital. That was where the first one infected by the coronavirus died, Guillermo Abel Gómez, last Saturday.

In the brief to which this medium had access, Veneroni details that “on the date of the date [por hoy] The External Guard of this Hospital is in a state of operational collapse so it is not in a position to receive new patients. ” And he continues: “Notified the coordinator of the SAME, Dr. Del Sel, and PAMI (FACOEB), Mr. Buba, operational air, about the operational collapse of the guard.”

As I can corroborate Infobae, the situation of “collapse” is not abnormal in the letters sent by the Argerich to the authorities, since sometimes it happens on other occasions, beyond the issue of the coronavirus. “It usually happens. It is not a habitual state, it must be related to the social alteration that began with the coronavirus, but I insist, it happens often”, said a doctor who works in the hospital.

Guillermo Abel Gómez, 54, entered Argerich last Wednesday. After having returned last February 25 from France. On the 28th of that month he began to develop fever, cough and sore throat and a few days later he went to the hospital, according to official information. From that moment on, the corresponding swab was performed and sent to analysis for virological panel. The results were negative for influenza and positive for coronavirus. According to hospital sources, the virus was detected once the patient had died. He had been hospitalized for more than two days and had other health complications: He suffered from diabetes, hypertension, chronic bronchitis and kidney failure.

This afternoon, Health Minister Ginés González García acknowledged that “There are 40 people in control” for a possible contact with Gomez, although with more possibilities of closeness are “about 16 people”, which are those that are under observation.

As i know Infobae, part of those people who were closest to the infected and deceased patient, would be the doctors of the institution who are on leave because of the danger of contracting the virus.

On the other hand, the Minister of Health confirmed five new cases of coronavirus in Argentina, so the total number of infected amounted to 17. The new positive diagnoses occurred in Chaco (2), the City of Buenos Aires, San Luis and Río Negro.

These add up to the 12 infected in the country. In total there are 9 infected and one deceased in the city of Buenos Aires, 2 infected in Chaco, 2 in the province of Buenos Aires, one case in San Luis, one in Córdoba and one in Río Negro.

From the Ministry of Health they recommend that in the presence of fever and respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing and having remained in areas with virus circulation or having been in contact with a confirmed or probable case, Make immediate contact with the health system, refer to the travel history and avoid social contact.

On the other hand, people who enter the country and who have remained in areas with transmission of the new coronavirus should remain at home and not attend public places such as work, recreational, sports and social settings for 14 days.

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