Coronavirus | The anger of a doctor with motorists in the Panamericana: “Then they will come to the hospital and saturate the health system”

A video came to TN and the People shows the indignation of a doctor when driving through Panamericana and meeting with tens and tens of cars when the mandatory quarantine in the country was already in force to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has already left four dead and more than 150 infected.

The professional, who was returning from visiting a patient in Pilar and was traveling to Capital, recorded the Gendarmerie control operation and the endless queue of cars, several of them high-end and with entire families on board.

“There are all the people who are in the house, supposedly. Let’s see how people take care of themselves at home, the quarantine of the Argentine “, he said with a mixture of anger and irony towards those who violated the mandatory social isolation measures decreed by the Government.

“It looks good there, look, triple row of cars,” the man continued. According to what he said, it took him an hour and a half to get to Pilar and see his patient.

“That is the conscience of the Argentineans”, of “those who later will come to the hospital and saturate the health system,” he insisted. “This is to raise awareness boys,” he said before saying goodbye with a “big kiss.”

This morning, the Minister of National Security, Sabina Frederic warned that “controls will be intensified” on the routes and streets to prevent people from leaving.

“We are being tough and inflexible, always according to the Penal Code. We have to be aware of the need to comply with quarantine. People who do not have supporting documents, as of today, will be detained, the Prosecutor’s Office will be called and the vehicle will be retained.. There are people who still do not realize the importance of compliance with isolation, “said the minister.

“We have the opportunity to show all our solidarity. The only way to take care of ourselves and others is to stay at home,” he concluded.

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