Coronavirus: She is seven months pregnant and was stranded in Cancun

There are about 10,000 Argentines who are stranded abroad and cannot return to Argentina after the government restricted entry to the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. Mariela Muguelar is one of them and her situation, like that of so many others, is desperate: she is seven months pregnant and, after being rescheduled several times, he remains in Cancun.

She fears that she will soon be banned from a plane due to her advanced pregnancy and does not want her baby to be born in another country.

Mariela and her husband traveled to Cancun on March 6, a few days before the World Health Organization declare coronavirus a pandemic. “When everything was unleashed we wanted to reschedule the flight, but it was impossible,” said the protagonist of the story in dialogue with TN and the People.

The company they traveled to canceled their return trip more than five times and closed the offices it had in that tourist area of ​​Mexico. The woman and her partner went to talk repeatedly in search of a solution, but they got no response.

The couple is scared because most airlines put restrictions on pregnant women over seven months to avoid the possibility of the baby being born during the flight. Beginning at 32 weeks gestation, airlines require a medical certificate confirming the stage of pregnancy and the passenger’s ability to fly.

This week the Government decided to extend the border closure that governed from March 16 “to people residing in the country and to Argentines and Argentines residing abroad” through the closure of all international crossings, ports, airports and border centers, through a Decree of Necessity and Urgency.

Although the DNU established March 31 as the term, the planned period “may be extended or abbreviated” by the Ministry of the Interior depending on how the epidemiological situation evolves.

“The company left us lying like rats”, Mariela complained, who explained that she contacted the Foreign Ministry, but that they could not resolve her situation.

The woman has a due date for the first days of June. She is desperate to return to the country and be able to continue her pregnancy as she had planned. “Times are running out for me. I traveled because the weeks were perfect for me “, lamented.

“If we can’t go back, I’m going to have to find an obstetrician, a clinic, everything from scratch … it’s crazy,” he said. The woman continues to await a response from the authorities and asks that they consider her case as an exception.

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