Coronavirus: School support in time of pandemic and social networks

It is not known for sure who came up with the publication, but the truth is that in the last hours more and more teachers are added to its walls the social networks to share a message in which they offer free school support and containment to students and parents from all over the country in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine. “I saw it on Facebook and shared it. I copied it in the WhatsApp groups I have with friends and it started to go viral,” says Daniela Kirzner, a teacher at Villa Urquiza.

Like her, other teachers have already joined this initiative that has its origin in the hashtag # MaestrosEnAcción by which teachers make themselves available to collaborate virtually in the Homeworks.

The message they share indicates: “While we are at home, if you need help with something your son or daughter has been entrusted with, contact me and I will support you without any cost. I am a teacher and I will gladly solve your doubts at a distance. I will The best I can to help whoever needs it. #StayInHome #MasterInAction “. If you are a TEACHER, copy and paste this message, let’s contribute our granite. Come on … together we can !!! “

Daniela tells that being at the service of families excites her. He has already received messages from moms and dads from the Federal Capital and other provinces. “I was already able to teach several children and also chat with their parents who were overwhelmed not only because the homework was too much, but also because some subjects did not know them.”

The contact is by Messenger or WhatsApp, the parents send photos of the tasks and the teachers explain the topics by voice message or YouTube tutorials. Anything goes when teaching, say the teachers. “With photos the parents send the process of the exercises, until they finish them.”

Photos of homework shared by parents with teachers.

Laura Szczapowy has been a teacher for 24 years in primary and secondary school and as soon as she saw her, she did not hesitate to join the initiative. “Social networks viralize everything. Since I am connected with some colleagues who hung that poster, I decided to share it too. Right now I work in a public school and we had to update ourselves with new technologies in record time.”

The key is to create a support network with other teachers to solve the children’s doubts among all of them. “It is important to be there to provide support, because parents sometimes do not have the knowledge to accompany their children, and many others the patience it vanishes and is understandable. Sit the boys down homework that teachers send, it is not an easy task in some cases “.

“A few days ago, a mother contacted me with a task that had been given to the girl who was in fifth grade. Yesterday I helped a fourth year boy from high school, I guided him to do a math task and he was super grateful for my time and for my help, “says Laura.

School support by WhatsApp. Photo: Courtesy Daniela Kirzner.
School support by WhatsApp. Photo: Courtesy Daniela Kirzner.

Gabriela Pinto, for her part, is a teacher in special education schools of primary and psychopedagogue in a comprehensive interdisciplinary school. “I work with children who have some difficulty in learning, many with severe or mild pathologies. I thought the idea was excellent and I replied. The contents are the same as in ordinary education schools that are adjusted and configured to the needs and times of the children. “

Pinto already received some messages from parents who asked him about math problem slogans. “They had a lot of information and they felt overwhelmed With so much data, they did not know where to start. First I was reading in a way that they understood what they were being asked to do, and by dividing the information, they were able to move forward. “

All agree that it is a way of reaching out to families and children, in addition to their students. “It is not easy to keep boys and girls indoors studying and preparing homework. If some content was not at hand, we consulted each other or searched. Not all households have a PC, notebook, or tablet, but we do know that they have cell phones and can be accessed from there. Hopefully this is encouraging for other teachers and they will join this movement. Beyond offering our help to students, the idea is that this multiply “, Laura concludes.

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