Coronavirus osTwo Hercules of the Air Force will repatriate Argentines stranded in Peru

Defense Minister Agustín Rossi confirmed that on Saturday two Hercules C-130 planes will leave for Peru to bring back the Argentines stranded in that country due to the coronavirus pandemic, as it had anticipated yesterday

“On Saturday two Hercules C-130 planes leave to look for the Argentine citizens who are stranded in Peru. There is a significant number and tomorrow let’s go find a part“he stated in statements to Uncover radio.

It is about 1700 compatriots stranded on Peruvian land after the government of that country closed its airspace due to the advance of the coronavirus.

It is estimated that there are more than 23 thousand Argentines stranded abroad. (Photo: NA)

After the information offered by the minister, it is deduced that the Argentine authorities obtained the endorsement of the Peruvian State to carry out the operation, which is complex because they are military aircraft for which special permits are required.

The Hercules have a carrying capacity of around 90 people. Last Wednesday, the president of Aerolineas Argentinas, Pablo Ceriani, confirmed two flights to Lima, and the government is working so that other airlines can return to the Argentines stranded there.

In a complex international context due to pandemic, the Government works against the clock to bring residents who are abroad. It is a titanic task: there are 23 thousand stranded in different countries of the world who hope to return to the country. Around 7000 are in Spain and 5000 in the United States.

The support of the Armed Forces

Likewise, Rossi reported that the Armed Forces are carrying out “various actions”; among them, the deployment “between today and tomorrow of the relocatable Military Hospital, so that it works associated with the Campo de Mayo military hospital, to increase the number of available beds that we can have”.

“Today we are going to make a tour with two helicopters, one from the Army and one from the Air Force to report if there is any type of agglomeration of people,” he said, explaining that “all this is to provide logistical support to the security forces.” . He also clarified that the members of the armed forces “will not be on the street doing checks.”

Argentina in quarantine

In relation to the first hours of social, preventive and compulsory isolation decreed by President Alberto Fernández, Rossi indicated that is being “reasonably fulfilled”, and, “surely, as the hours pass, it will be fulfilled much more strictly”:

“The truth is that is the only possible way that Argentina has today to try to contain the coronavirus pandemic: all the decisions that the President made will be carried out firmly, because we are convinced that it is the way to protect the health of Argentines, “he assured.

“We appeal and we trust in social responsibility“The official maintained and added:” The reality is that by isolating one, we all take care of ourselves, and that is the best way with which we are going to face this challenge that the coronavirus has put on all of humanity. “

Symptoms and prevention

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