Coronavirus | One of those infected at Moreno’s party spoke 15: “The symptoms are very ugly”

“Hello. I have been in the hospital in Moreno for 11 days. I was at the party for 15, so I have coronavirusThis is how Verónica Cuestas is presented in a video that went viral on social networks and in which she said that she is recovering.

Slopes was one of the birthday guests that Eric Torales attended, despite the mandatory quarantine that he had to fulfill for having been in a country of risk. The 24-year-old boy and the fifteen-year-old’s cousin had returned the day before from the United States.

The woman interned, even, was very close to Luis Suárez, grandfather of the cousins ​​and one of the fatal victims that the Covid-19 left in the country. On the social network, Cuevas dedicated a few words to him: “You left like this without being able to say goodbye, leaving us a great pain. I can’t believe it, I wish this was a bad dream.”

One of the photos of Suárez at the party of 15. (Photo:

“I was presumed dead in intensive care but I am fine,” she clarifies in the video, in which she also assured that she was the first to report to SAME that Torales had not complied with the isolation. “I did it out of fear, for my health and that of my children, my loved ones and love of neighbor“, he pointed.

“I called to be monitored. When this person tested positive, they came looking for me. I’ve been here for 11 days, “he said from the curator’s bed.

Cuestas was not alone at the party that took place in the Alma de Hornero room on March 14: “I was with my baby, my partner and their children.”

He also revealed that at first he did not know that Torales had been traveling. However, he took precautions “by mother’s intuition.” “Not knowing that we could be infected I never let my son get close to his grandparents. They were angry but it was for their good,” he said.

He also described the symptoms he suffered: “I had a cough, like a cold. Somewhat mild, but a lot of back pain. I never had a fever. On the third day, my smell and taste disappeared. “

Eric Torales took precautions at the Miami airport, but when he arrived in Buenos Aires he went to the party at 15. (Photo:
Eric Torales took precautions at the Miami airport, but when he arrived in Buenos Aires he went to the party at 15. (Photo:

“It is very ugly. There were nights that I couldn’t sleep because all my joints hurt: knees, ankles, fingers. The back pain is very intense. I can count it. So please take care of yourselves and don’t leave your houses, pay attention, “asked the woman who hopes that the next study will give her a negative result.

While federal prosecutor Santiago Marquevich studies the case, Torales remains under arrest for breaking the quarantine and infecting at least 11 people. The judicial official could also charge him with the wrongful death of his grandfather.

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