Coronavirus, live: the advance of the pandemic and the search for the vaccine

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with new cases of infection and fatalities in Asia, Europe, the United States, and confirmed patients in Latin America. Governments deploy more drastic to try to stop the advance of the strain, although it does not have a high mortality rate, it presents difficulties for an early detection that helps to stop the spread. Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus a pandemic.

The schedules are expressed in GMT:

9.30: The French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, trusted that the decreed confinement will give results in the number of new cases in 8 to 12 days, and insisted that the term will be shorter the stricter the fulfillment of that confinement.

9.10: The BMW firm announced the closure of its factories in Europe and South Africa until April 19.

9:05: Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel made a call to confront with “serenity and confidence” the pandemic of the new coronavirus in the Caribbean country, where seven cases of contagion have already been registered to date.

9 o’clock: European stocks opened with losses of up to 4% on Wednesday, affected by the fall in futures on US stock indices, according to market data.

8:30: The Tokyo Artistic Gymnastics World Cup scheduled for April and counting for qualification for the next Olympics has been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, organizers announced Wednesday.

8:20: The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed with a 1.68% drop, its worst close since November 2016, after a hopeful session due to expectations about the US economic stimulus measures, which ended up twisting in the last hour due to persistent concern about the new coronavirus.

8:10: Asian markets sank Wednesday as investors scramble to build on an early recovery fueled by promises of global stimulus, including a more than $ 1 trillion package marked by the United States.

8:00: The Kospi of the Seoul Stock Exchange falls 4.85% due to new fears for the COVID-19.

7:40: The World Health Organization (WHO) called on Southeast Asian countries to “act now” and use more “aggressive” emergency measures to combat the new coronavirus pandemic, which has so far registered 480 cases and eight deaths in the region.

07:20: The South Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) reported Wednesday that 93 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, bringing the number of infections nationwide to 8,413 .

07:10: The Turkish Health Minister, Fahrettin Koca, confirmed the first death caused by the new coronavirus pandemic in the country and has raised the number of affected to 98, after registering 51 new cases.

06:49: The World Organization for Migration (IOM) and UNHCR reported on Tuesday that they have decided to temporarily suspend their resettlement trips for refugees due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

06:06: The President of Colombia, Iván Duque, decreed on Tuesday the state of emergency as a measure to control and prevent the coronavirus pandemic, which already affects 65 people in the country.

05:27: The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed on Wednesday the death of eleven more people due to the new coronavirus, so that the deceased rose to 3,237, and the contagion of thirteen people, which implies a total of 80,894 affected in the Asian country .

05:01: The Bolivian Government declared a health emergency and quarantine throughout the country as a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which has registered twelve cases in the Andean nation.

05:00; The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, confirmed on Tuesday that the second test for coronavirus that he has undergone has given a negative result.

04:59: Former President of Peru Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) has asked this Tuesday from the prison in the United States where he is being released for fear of contagion from coronavirus.

02:35: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders asked for $ 200 billion on Tuesday to prevent “deaths, job losses and avoid an economic catastrophe” in the context of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

00:51: The Brazilian Ministry of Justice announced on Tuesday the quarantine as a mandatory measure and penalties of up to two years in prison for those who do not submit to it or fail to comply with it.

23:46: Chinese authorities said Tuesday that they have successfully developed a coronavirus vaccine and have therefore approved human trials, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

23:38: The opposition leader and president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, asked on Tuesday to open the country’s ports and airports to humanitarian aid in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

23:25: Chinese President Xi Jinping assured the head of the Spanish Executive, Pedro Sánchez, on Tuesday that China will do everything possible to provide support and assistance to Spain in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

23.00: Deaths from coronavirus in the United States number 105 with 6,223 confirmed cases.

20.00: The European Union decided to prohibit the entry of people from countries outside the block for 30 days.

19.20: China says it has “successfully” developed the coronavirus vaccine and is preparing for “large-scale” production.

18.50: The interim government of Bolivia restricted the workday to the hours between 8:00 and 13:00 and prohibited the circulation of cars after 18:00 and until 5:00 the next day.

18.30: Venezuela asked the International Monetary Fund for USD 5 billion to combat the coronavirus.

16.30: The US government plans send checks with cash to citizens “Immediately” to contain the economic impact of the coronavirus. “Americans need cash now,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, outlining some of the proposals for the multi-million dollar fiscal stimulus package that he will present to Congress today.

16.10: The government of France limited the sale of paracetamol to guarantee its availability, after advising against the use of ibuprofen to address the effects of the coronavirus. The authorities indicated that from Wednesday the pharmacists will only be able to sell one box per patient to those who do not present symptoms and two in case of pain and fever.

16.10: The US Treasury Department indicated that airlines are experiencing a situation “worse than September 11” of 2001.

16.00: The White House urged the construction industry to donate face masks for hospitals.

15.50: Roland Garros tennis tournament was postponed in late September

15.35: Peru The balance was updated to 117 positive cases, as reported by the Minister of Health, who detailed that there are 13 hospitalized patients and three with a mechanical ventilator.

15.20: The government of Spain announced that it guarantees up to 100 billion euros in loans to companies to face the economic impact of the pandemic.

15.15: The authorities Miami-Dade order the closure of restaurants, bars, clubs and gyms due to the coronavirus

15.10: The Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, she underwent a second test to detect the coronavirus, a test that was recommended by doctors despite the fact that a first analysis carried out last week gave a negative result. This morning the first death in Brazil of an infected patient was confirmed.

15.05: The White House will ask Congress for a package of $ 850 billion bailout so that businesses and taxpayers can face the coronavirus crisis, according to US media. The stimulus is of a magnitude that has not been seen since the Great Recession.

14.50: The UK estimates that there will be some 55,000 possible coronavirus infected, according to estimates by the Boris Johnson government. According to government scientific adviser Patrick Wallance, measures against the spread are expected to limit the number of deaths to “20,000 or less.”

14.30: The New York Federal Reserve announced for the second consecutive day an additional offer of USD 500 billion in the money market.

14.20: Conmebol and UEFA confirmed the postponement of the America Cup and the Eurocup, which were scheduled for June and July

14.15: Russia confirmed 114 cases of coronavirus. As reported by the Kremlin, 104 are imported and 10 are domestic infections by contact with people who recently returned from abroad.

13.30: Pope Francis dedicated the morning mass, which is now broadcast live from the chapel of his residence, the Casa de Santa Marta, to the elderly who suffer from quarantine measures. “I would like us to pray today for the elderly who are suffering this moment in a special way, with great inner loneliness and sometimes with great fear,” he said.

13.20: WHO urged European countries to take “the boldest possible measures” to curb the pandemic.

12.50: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo declared a “state of emergency” for the coronavirus. There are more than 300 confirmed cases in Brazil.

12.30: Iran’s state television broadcaster issued its most drastic warning yet of the new coronavirus, stating that the outbreak could kill “millions” in the Islamic Republic if the population continues to travel and ignore medical recommendations.

12.15: The father of the bitannic prime minister, Boris Johnson, assured that he does not plan to follow the government’s recommendations. “Of course I will go to a bar if I have to go to a bar,” said Stanley Johnson, 79.

12.00: The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, declared a “state of calamity” for six months to combat the coronavirus

11.30: The WHO reported that there are two confirmed cases at its headquarters in Geneva.

11.15: Iran reported 135 new deaths, bringing the total number of fatalities in the country to 988. It is a new daily record, since 129 deaths were announced the day before. In addition, 1,178 new infections were confirmed, bringing the total number of cases to 16,169.

11.00: The general confinement of the population in France began to try to contain the advance of the virus. From noon (local time) and for at least two weeks, some 67 million inhabitants must stay in their homes, with some exceptions, under penalty of a fine.

10.40: Spain reported almost 2,000 new cases of coronavirus With respect to the balance of Monday, which exceeded 11,000 infections and is the fourth most affected country, behind China, Italy and Iran. The death toll rose by 150 to 491.

10.20: One of the two vice-presidents of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Kozo Tashima, announced that he had tested positive for the new coronavirus, in a context of growing doubts about the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games in July and August due to the pandemic.

10.10: The Polish government was quarantined after a minister’s positive diagnosis. protocol

9.50: Indian authorities decreed the closure of the iconic Taj Mahal as part of measures to stem the spread of the pandemic, after confirming the third fatality in the country by COVID-19.

9.30: The main European stock markets opened higher after a black Monday, but after the first negotiations they entered negative territory and volatility continues.

9.10: The Italian government announced that it has foreseen, in the framework of the measures to face the covid-19 pandemic, the nationalization of the airline Alitalia, in great financial difficulties for years.

9.00: Just hours before the opening of the electoral colleges for the primaries, the governor of Ohio (USA) announced the postponement of the presidential primaries due to a “health emergency” due to the coronavirus.

8:30: The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, thanked the “heroic efforts” of the health personnel who are “on the front lines” to face the pandemic of the new coronavirus, of which more than 180,000 cases have already been detected in all the world.

8:00: Chinese President Xi Jinping informed Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte in a telephone conversation on Monday night that Chinese authorities will send more medical experts and medical supplies to Italy to help fight the new pandemic coronavirus.

6:30: A total of 3,675 health professionals who were assigned to provide medical assistance to Hubei, the Chinese province most affected by the new coronavirus, return home on Tuesday to alleviate the epidemic situation in the region.

5 o’clock: The South Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) reported Tuesday that 84 new cases of coronavirus have been reported and has warned of the rise in group infections.

4:30: The capital of the United States, Washington, will close all the restaurants, bars and discotheques starting at 10:00 pm (local time) on Monday to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which has so far left more than 80 dead and 4,600 affected in the North American country.

3:00: The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed on Tuesday the death of 13 more people due to the new coronavirus, reason why the deceased rise to 3,226, and the contagion of 21 people, 20 of them imported cases, which implies a total of 80,881 affected in the Asian country.

2:00: At least 1,350 prisoners escaped on Monday from three prisons in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, the country’s most populous, after a series of riots motivated by restrictions on visits and temporary exits due to the fight against the coronavirus, authorities reported.

1:20: Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno decreed a state of emergency throughout the country on Monday and the curfew during the wee hours to contain the expansion of the coronavirus.

00.40: Colombia ordered the closure of its land, sea and river borders until May 30.

00.10: Nicolás Maduro’s regime announced 16 new cases of coronavirus in Venezuela: the total amounts to 33. It also decreed the collective quarantine throughout Venezuela.

20.30: France ordered the mandatory quarantine for 15 days: no one will be able to leave their home and the army will transfer the sick.

19.35: Donald Trump noted that his government was not considering a general quarantine “at this time.” He also indicated that the coronavirus pandemic could continue until July or August.

19.30: Ohio State Governor Mike DeWine suggested postponing the primary election scheduled for Tuesday to June.

19.15: French President Emmanuel Macron postponed the second round in the municipal elections on Sunday and announced a series of additional restrictions to deal with the pandemic: “We are at war.”

18.50: Germany registered more than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours and the total amounts to 6,012.

18.45: Russia announces the closure of its borders.

18.00: The coronavirus pandemic has already caused more than 7,000 deaths worldwide.

17.55: Republican Senator Mitt Romney proposed that every adult American receive $ 1,000 to alleviate the economic impacts of the coronavirus.

17.50: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered the closure of borders for the advance of the coronavirus, excepting the Americans.

14.30: The New York federal reserve announced an additional injection of USD 500 billion in liquidity with virtually no interest. In the state there are 950 cases of coronavirus 7 of fatalities.

14.20: The Governor of New Jersey (USA) decreed a curfew to deal with the coronavirus from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. It applies to the 9 million inhabitants of the state.

14.10: The White House will cancel its annual Easter event as a precautionary measure for the coronavirus, reported First Lady Melania Trump. The event, a kind of picnic with families with children, was scheduled for April 13.

15.55: The WHO highlighted the need to increase diagnostic tests in each suspected case and warned about the advance of the pandemic in less developed countries. “We are very concerned about the impact it may have on populations with high HIV prevalence or malnourished children,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the entity.

15.30: The spread of the coronavirus is accelerating in Africa and already affects 30 countries. Tanzania, Liberia, Somalia and Benin confirmed their first cases.

15.10: Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, proposed banning “non-essential” travel to the EU for 30 days.

15.05: Donald Trump was pleased with the efforts against the pandemic in the US: “Everyone is so united and working hard. They love our great country. We will finish stronger than ever. ”

15.00: Cuba authorized the British cruise ship MS Braemar, with five confirmed cases of coronavirus, to dock on the island, from where its passengers will be repatriated by plane to Great Britain.

14.50: The Netherlands confirmed 278 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 1,413 patients and 24 deaths.

14.20: The cases in Peru reached 86, reported the Ministry of Health.

13.50: Cases were duplicated in Chile. President Sebastián Piñera announced that there are 80 new infections (for a total of 155) and decreed the closure of borders.

13.45: Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach, Florida property where President Donald Trump has his residence and a private club, is undergoing a thorough cleanup, reported CNN, after three people who were there in the last days tested positive for coronavirus as part of the meeting between the president and Jair Bolsonaro.

13.40: As in New York, the São Paulo Stock Exchange interrupted its operations due to sharp falls. Less than half an hour after the start of the session, the Bovespa fell 12.53% dragged down by the impact of the global crisis due to the new coronavirus.

13.31: Abrupt drop on Wall Street. The New York Stock Exchange had to suspend operations for 15 minutes moments after opening, exceeding the loss limit. The Dow Jones index falls 9.7% and the S&P 500 falls 8.14%.

13.20: Cases increase in Colombia, which reached 54 infected. However, it was reported that the first patient in the country was discharged.

13.15: The balance in Russia rose to 93 infected people, with Moscow as the most affected city (41 cases).

13.00: The Government of Costa Rica ordered the “total closure” of bars, clubs and casinos, “given the non-compliance” last Saturday of the instructions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

12.35: The New York Manufacturing Index falls 34 points, its worst level since 2009, the Federal Reserve reported.

12.20: France indicated that measures will be announced “in the next few hours” on the external borders of the European Union, to fight the pandemic. President Emmanuel Macron had a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the Presidents of the European Council, Charles Michel, and of the Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, during which he asked to “intensify European coordination”.

12.05: The head of the IMFKristalina Georgieva said that the world must jointly and coordinatedly stimulate the global economy, as it did during the 2008 crisis, to cope with the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic.

11.40: The barrel of Brent It fell more than 9% on Monday, reaching its lowest level in four years.

11.20: Steam, the main PC video game platform, registered this weekend a historical record of online players, with more than 20 million connected users worldwide, probably due to increased quarantine measures.

10.40: Iran reported 129 new deaths, which brings the total number of fatalities to 853. It is the third most affected country, behind China and Italy.

10.30: The 27 leaders of the European Union (EU) will discuss on Tuesday by videoconference the “actions” to take in the face of the human and economic consequences of the new coronavirus in the bloc, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, announced Monday.

10.10: There are already more cases of contagion outside of China than in the country where the outbreak originated. More than 170 thousand people have had a positive diagnosis in more than 150 countries.

10.00: The quarantine started in the Czech Republic, where public television launched a “class” program for primary school children. The students began to follow the broadcast of ten programs from the “uciTelka” series, where experienced pedagogues collaborate. Mathematics, Czech, Social Sciences, are some of the subjects of the five planned courses, where the atmosphere of a class is recreated and the audience is invited to emulate what children do on screen.

9.50: The French government announced that Emmanuel Macron will give a speech at night about the coronavirus.

9.30: Russia announced a series of measures to sustain economic activity and fight the spread of the new coronavirus, and called on companies to take greater responsibility.

8:30: A woman died in Bahrain from the new coronavirus, the country’s health ministry announced Monday, the first death from COVID-19 in the Gulf region.

8:00: Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced the closure of the border with Belarus to contain the spread of the pandemic, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

5:30:South Korea’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 74 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, which is the lowest daily contagion increase since February 21.

4:30: The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed the death of 14 more people due to the new coronavirus, bringing the deceased to 3,213, and the spread of 16 people, which implies a total of 80,860.

3:00: The President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, announced that the movement of people and vehicles will be restricted from next Tuesday throughout the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, which leaves 37 cases, including two deaths.

2:30: The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio said he will sign an executive order limiting restaurants, bars and cafes to just delivery, and the closing of discos, cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

1:30: The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, decreed this Sunday the national state of emergency for 15 days, which includes the total closure of the borders and orders the immobilization of citizens to fight against the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

1:00: The Ministry of Health of Mexico reported this Sunday that there are already 53 confirmed cases in the country for coronavirus, as well as 176 suspected cases.

1:00: Panama will prohibit the entry of foreigners to the country as of Monday, which has already cut off the air connection with Europe and Asia, and ordered the closure of shops nationwide in a strengthening of measures to curb the coronavirus, which already leaves one dead and 54 other confirmed cases of contagion.

00.54: The Mercosur countries will coordinate the closure of their borders due to the coronavirus. “On Monday we will carry out a joint resolution between all the countries of the region in a teleconference,” reported the Paraguayan president, Mario Abdo, who is the current president pro tempore of the regional bloc.

Abdo said that “The plan is to reduce income at the borders”. “We are going to close several of the places and we are going to reduce the income and expenses at our borders so that there is greater control,” he said. “One of the proposals is the partial closure of the border for people, not for goods.”

00.32: The Luis Lacalle Pou government confirmed two new cases of coronavirus, for a total of eight infected people in the country. Former Colorado Senator Pedro Bordaberry is one of the new infected, he himself declared that he does not know how it was infected so it would be an autochthonous case. “I was not in China, I was not in any marriage. I don’t know, it happened. I feel like I have had a little bit more flu, my legs hurt, I have a little fever, not much and well, it gave me positive and no more than that, “he said.

23.28: There are 11 new cases of coronavirus in Argentina and the total of infected amounts to 56, of which two died.

23.22: Colombia suspended classes at public colleges and universities to contain coronavirus expansion.

23.09: Uruguay confirmed two new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to eight.

22.58: The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernándezannounced the suspension of classes for 15 days to minimize the circulation of the coronavirus. In addition, he reported that the country’s borders were closed.

22.42: Confirmed in Guatemala the first death from coronavirus. This is an 85-year-old man who arrived on March 6 from Madrid, Spain.

21.45: The New York City public school system, the nation’s largest, will begin closing this week, the governor announced Sunday. Andrew M. Cuomo. All Westchester and Long Island public schools will also close, the governor said.

The closings will alter the lives and routines of 1.1 million children, 75,000 teachers, and more than a million parents, and will undoubtedly provoke broader turmoil at a time of deep anxiety for New Yorkers.

21.30: Donald Trump celebrated the Federal Reserve announcements to deal with the coronavirus and called on Americans not to collect food. The Fed decided to cut interest rates to 0%, in order to boost economic activity and combat the detrimental effects of the virus’s expansion in the world economy. “We will be fine,” said the head of state, during a press conference at the White House.

According to data from the government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 3,000 cases have been registered throughout the country and 62 people have died, mostly in Washington state.

21.20: The dictator Nicolás Maduro announced that from this Monday, starting at 5 in the morning, seven states of Venezuela will enter into collective quarantine. In addition, he detailed that there are seven new confirmed cases of people infected with COVID-19, with what are already 17 people.

“The collective social quarantine will be in the areas where the highest incidence of this imported virus has been detected and in the areas where the quarantine cases are distributed: Caracas, La Guaira, Miranda, Zulia, Táchira, Apure and Cojedes,” reported the Chavista president from the Miraflores Palace.

21.00: The Mayor of Miami Beach, Dan Gelber, announced the closure of Lummus Park and its beaches in South Beach all day from Fifth Street to 15, according to the Miami Herald. In addition, he reported that he will institute a curfew starting at 23 in the city’s South Beach entertainment district and will force all businesses to close at 22. The mayor also confirmed that the city will close parking lots for everyone except residents. . “The party is over,” said Gelber.

In addition to Miami, Fort Lauderdale will also close its public beaches and limit hours of operation for bars, clubs, and restaurants.

19.35: The Government of Peru raised the number of coronavirus cases in the country to 71 on Sunday and announced that it is evaluating ordering the generalized quarantine to stop the spread of the disease in the national territory.

The last official report at 1:10 p.m. (6:10 p.m. GMT) confirmed a large increase from the 43 cases reported on Saturday and specified that 58 of the total occur in Lima. Before knowing these latest figures, the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Jorge Montenegro, admitted that the Government is evaluating the possibility of ordering the generalized quarantine. “It is being evaluated, it is a measure within several that have been taking place several days ago. The important thing is that you act with enough responsibility and we ask the citizens to remain calm, “he told the RPP Noticias radio station.

19.30: France confirmed 29 new deaths from coronavirus, the biggest jump in a day

19.10: The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, reported this Sunday that this state became the main focus of the coronavirus in the US, with 729 cases. registered and 3 deaths, and called on the Government to increase hospital capacity because 80% of the 3,000 intensive care beds are occupied.

Cuomo explained in a press conference broadcast online that the rising numbers in New York are the result of the largest means of testing and that of the 729 positive cases, 137 people are hospitalized, of which 65 are in intensive care (ICU ) and of them, 46 tubes. Across the country, there are more than 3,000 cases and 62 people have died, most in Washington state.

19.00: ANDhe president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno announced that next Monday he will hold a virtual meeting with his Prosur colleagues on the issue of coronavirus, that in his country so far has 26 infected and two deceased, according to the National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE). “I have been in contact throughout the day with other leaders in the region, about the situation of COVID19,” wrote the head of state on his Twitter account. He added: “On Monday, the presidents of member nations of Prosur will meet virtually to agree actions for the well-being and health of our peoples ”.

The Forum for the Progress of South America (Prosur) is the international organization that integrates the South American nations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay and Peru.

18.00: The confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ecuador rose from 26 to 37 (two of them deceased), while 273 remain in an epidemiological fence, informó este domingo el Servicio Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos y Emergencias (SNGRE). Treinta de los contagiados se mantienen “estables en aislamiento domiciliario”, cinco están hospitalizados: tres en condiciones “estables” y dos con “pronóstico reservado”.

En cinco de las 24 provincias de Ecuador se registran los contagiados, siendo la del Guayas, con 19 casos, la más elevada, seguida por la de Los Ríos, con 10.En la provincia de Pichincha, cuya capital es Quito -a la vez capital del país- hay seis casos confirmados, mientras que en Sucumbíos y en Azuay, hay uno en cada una.

17.45: el presidente chileno Sebastián Piñera suspendió las clases por 15 días. La medida regirá “en jardines infantiles, colegios municipales y colegios privados subvencionados”. En el país hay 61 contagiados.

17.30: Los fallecidos en Italia con el coronavirus alcanzaron hoy los 1.809, lo que supone un aumento de 368 en las últimas veinticuatro horas, según el último balance comunicado por el jefe de la Protección Civil, Angelo Borrelli, en rueda de prensa.

El número de enfermos actualmente en Italia, principal foco de Europa, es de 20.603 personas, 2.853 más en comparación con los datos de ayer sábado, y los curados son 2.335, lo que equivale a un aumento de 369 respecto al último boletín. La región de Milán, Lombardía (norte), sigue siendo la más afectada, con 1.218 muertos y 13.272 casos. With that, el número de contagios totales desde la detección del brote a finales de febrero es de 24.747, contando los enfermos, los fallecidos y los curados, mientras que las pruebas realizadas a la población ascienden ya a 124.899.

17.00: El presidente colombiano, Iván Duque, anunció que no se permitirá la entrada al país a partir del lunes 16 de marzo de ningún extranjero, salvo aquellos que tengan residencia, como parte de la ampliación de las medidas para controlar la expansión del coronavirus.”Me permito informarle al país: a partir de este 16 de marzo se restringe el ingreso al país de personas no nacionales y no residentes en Colombia. Todos los pasajeros colombianos y residentes extranjeros tendrán aislamiento preventivo obligatorio por 14 días”, afirmó Duque en Twitter.

16.55: La policía de Grecia reportó 96 arrestos desde el jueves por personas que desafiaron la cuarentena. Cuatro personas han muerto en el país por coronavirus.

16.50: United Kingdom elevó a 35 el número de fallecidos por coronavirus en el país, según el último balance emitido por el Ministerio de Salud, frente a los 21 de la estimación anterior. Las autoridades sanitarias constatan un total de 1.372 casos positivos del virus en todo el país.

16.30: El gobierno de Holanda ordenó el cierre de todos los colegios, bares, cafés, restaurantes, gimnasios, prostíbulos y otros establecimientos.

16.20: La tasa de participación en las elecciones municipales en Francia, en plena pandemia, cayó 16 puntos con respecto a las votaciones pasadas, en el reporte oficial sobre los votantes hasta las 5 de la tarde (hora local). La cifra indica una votación del 38,7% del padrón.

16.10: – El gobierno de Ecuador anunció una suspensión de los vuelos de pasajeros desde el exterior hasta el 5 de abril para evitar la propagación del coronavirus.

15.30: El gobierno de Francia indicó que reforzará los controles con la frontera de Alemania, pero negó que sea un cierre. La prensa de Francia y Alemania reportó que el gobierno de Angela Merkel planea un inminente cierre de tránsito entre ambos países.

15.00: Colombia confirmó 10 casos nuevos de Covid-19 en el país, siete de ellos de personas que estuvieron en España o Estados Unidos, con lo que ascienden a 34 los contagiados. De los casos nuevos, dos fueron reportados en Bogotá, un hombre adulto y una mujer joven que estuvieron recientemente en España, y dos en Cartagena de Indias, que se tratan de “casos de contacto”, informó el Ministerio de Salud en un comunicado.

14.50: Cuarentena en Madrid. La demanda del transporte público en la capital española cayó un 81,1% este sábado con respecto al mismo día de la semana anterior.

14.50: La marca automovilística Ferrari suspendió hasta el 27 de marzo la producción de coches en sus fábricas de Italia para proteger a sus trabajadores por el coronavirus, que ha provocado 1.441 muertos y más de 21.000 contagiados en el país.

14.40: La obligación de someter a los pasajeros procedentes de Europa a controles que descarten que presentan síntomas de padecer el COVID-19 ha creado el caos en los aeropuertos de Estados Unidos, causing hours of waiting to pass border controls. Según los relatos de los afectados, estos controles les obligan a permanecer hacinados junto a pasajeros de otros vuelos en espacios cerrados durante horas, sin que se sepa si hay personas enfermas entre ellos, lo que contradice además las recomendaciones de evitar las aglomeraciones para prevenir el contagio y propagación del nuevo coronavirus.

14.30: La Organización Mundial de la Salud desmintió que el dinero transmita el virus. Según un informe publicado en medios de comunicación británicos, la agencia de la ONU había vinculado el Covid-19 con los billetes, pero una vocera dijo que la información fue tergiversada.

14.20: La aerolínea American Airlines reducirá su capacidad internacional de largo recorrido en un 75% a partir de este lunes, con una suspensión por fases que afecta a destinos en Asia, Europa y Latinoamérica.

14.10: Más de 10.000 peregrinos turcos que regresaron a su país desde La Meca han sido puestos bajo cuarentena de 14 días en residencias universitarias, después de que una persona que había estado en la ciudad árabe diera positivo por coronavirus el viernes pasado.

14.05: La policía de Cádiz (España) recorre la ciudad para ordenar a los peatones que vuelvan a sus domicilios. “Póngase la ropa y vístase, no está de vacaciones, estamos en estado de alarma”, instó un patrullero a una persona que estaba en la playa.

14.00: El Gobierno de Marruecos suspendió todos los vuelos internacionales hasta nueva orden, como medida preventiva contra la propagación del coronavirus. En un primer momento, el gobierno suspendió los vuelos con China e Italia, posteriormente lo hizo con España, en un tercer momento con varios países europeos y finalmente este domingo cerró su espacio aéreo.

13.40: La cifra mundial de muertes por coronavirus llegó a 6.000, según un conteo registrado por la agencia AFP.

13.25: El Gobierno de Dinamarca anunció un acuerdo temporal con empresarios y sindicatos por el que el Estado cubrirá el 75% del sueldo de los trabajadores de empresas privadas que podrían perder sus empleos por la crisis del coronavirus, bajo el compromiso de que no haya despidos.

13.20: Nike anunció el cierre de todas sus tiendas en EEUU, Canadá, Europa, Australia y Nueva Zelanda por el coronavirus

13.05: El gobierno español confirmó más de 100 nuevas muertes y el total llegó a 288. Además, se registraron otros 2.000 contagiados en las últimas 24 horas.

12.50: Crecen los casos en Portugal: ya hay 245 contagiados, 76 más que el reporte del sábado.

12.00: La participación en las elecciones municipales francesas, que se desarrollan en pleno brote de coronavirus, se situó al mediodía en 18,38%, una caída de casi cinco puntos respecto a la registrada en los últimos comicios locales (23,16%), que se celebraron en 2014

11.40: El arquitecto italiano Vittorio Gregotti, uno de los más reconocidos del país, falleció a los 92 años de edad en un hospital de Milán por las complicaciones de una pulmonía tras haber contraído el coronavirus. Diseñó el Estadio Olímpico de Barcelona y el teatro de la Opera Arcimboldi de Milán, entre muchas otras obras.

11.20: Austria prohibió las reuniones de más de cinco personas. El gobierno anunció que la libertad de movimiento queda restringida al mínimo necesario y que se suspende el derecho de reunión bajo pena de multas de hasta 3.600 euros.

11.00: Polonia anunció el cierre de su frontera con Alemania y otros países europeos en una iniciativa para frenar la propagación del coronavirus en el país.

10.30: Irán reportó 113 nuevas muertes por la pandemia, un récord diario de víctimas fatales para el país. Las autoridades instaron a la ciudadanía a cancelar todos los viajes y quedarse en sus hogares. El total llegó a 724 y la cifra de contagiados alcanzó los 14 mil.

9.30: La mezquita de Al Aqsa, el tercer lugar más importante del Islam, cerró sus puertas en una decisión extremadamente inusual para contener la propagación del coronavirus en Jerusalén.

Israel, por su parte, también anunció que el Muro de los Lamentos será dividido en secciones para garantizar a los fieles los dos metros de espacio mínimo de seguridad contra el contagio, según ha confirmado el portavoz policial israelí, Micky Rosenfeld.

8.30: United Kingdom anunció un protocolo de “aislamiento prolongado” para los mayores de 70 años.

7.50: El Tribunal Supremo de Israel decidió que el juicio por corrupución contra el primer ministro del país, Benjamin Netanyahu, sea aplazado dos meses hasta el 24 de mayo por los efectos de la pandemia.

7.00: Abrieron las urnas para las elecciones municipales en todo France, pese a las medidas restrictivas para evitar contagios. Más de 47 millones de ciudadanos están convocados a las urnas.

6.00: El primer ministro australiano, Scott Morrison, anunció este domingo que todas las personas que lleguen del extranjero deberán aislarse durante 14 días para frenar la propagación del nuevo coronavirus en el país. “Tendremos que acostumbrarnos a algunos cambios en nuestra forma de vivir”, declaró

5.00: Las personas provenientes del extranjero que lleguen a Beijing serán puestas en quarantine en centros especiales a partir del lunes para luchar contra los casos de nuevo coronavirus importados. Las personas tendrán que pagar los costos de la estadía, afirmó Beijing Daily, un diario oficial en inglés. China reportó 20 casos nuevos, de los cuales 16 son de personas que llegaron del extranjero.

03:30: El ministro de Comunicación e Información de la dictadura en Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, afirmó que a partir del domingo se suspenden todos los vuelos procedentes de República Dominicana y Panamá durante 30 días para evitar la propagación del coronavirus, según ha informado el Ministerio de Exteriores de Venezuela a través de redes sociales.

03:21: La presidente interina de Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, anunció que se prohibirá la entrada al país a personas procedentes de China, Corea del Sur, Italia y España, como parte de las medidas que está tomando el país para hacer frente al coronavirus.

03:16: Al menos seis personas que estuvieron cerca del presidente de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, durante su reciente viaje a Estados Unidos han dado positivo por coronavirus.

03:11: Las autoridades ecuatorianas han anunciado el cierre de las fronteras terrestres y marítimas y la suspensión de los vuelos internacionales para evitar el contagio del coronavirus, del que se han confirmado hasta ahora 28 casos en territorio ecuatoriano. Hay 28 casos y dos muertes confirmadas por el nuevo coronavirus.

03:00: El presidente de Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, anunció la suspensión de las movilizaciones contra el dictador Nicolás Maduro para evitar el contagio del nuevo coronavirus.

02:41: El Gobierno de India declaró el estado de “catástrofe” para facilitar la liberación de los fondos que necesiten los afectados por el coronavirus, según ha informado este sábado el Ministerio del Interior.

02:33: Las autoridades sanitarias de Namibia, Ruanda y Mauritania han confirmado este sábado la aparición de los primeros casos de coronavirus en sus países, entre los que se encuentran los de dos personas que procedían de España, según ha constatado el Ministerio de Salud namibio en su cuenta de Twitter.

02:20: Países Bajos confirmó 155 nuevos casos de coronavirus en las últimas 24 horas hasta un total de 959 contagios desde la aparición de lo que ahora es considerada como una pandemia.

02:11: El Gobierno británico confirmó 10 muertes por coronavirus en las últimas 24 horas, con lo que son ya 21 los fallecidos por esta nueva enfermedad en Reino Unido.

03:00: La autoproclamada presidenta de Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, ha anunciado que diversos países de la comunidad internacional han comprometido más de 100 millones de dólares (euros) para la adquisición de material médico para combatir el coronavirus. El anuncio se ha producido tras una reunión de Áñez con representantes diplomáticos de países como Italia o China.

02:40: El Gobierno iraní confirmó que el número de fallecidos por el coronavirus ha aumentado a 611 — respecto a los 514 del último balance — y que el total de casos confirmados en el país es de 12.729, según ha informado el Ministerio de Salud.

02:11: El dictador de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, decretó el Estado de Alarma Nacional por el coronavirus tras la confirmación de los dos primeros casos en el país. Además, Maduro ha anunciado que en los próximos días se suspenderán las actividades laborales en todo el país para evitar la propagación.

02:00: El Gobierno de Venezuela condenó la decisión del presidente de Colombia, Iván Duque, de cerrar los siete pasos fronterizos al entender que es decisión eso solo aumentará el uso vías clandestinas controladas por los paramilitares, lo que anula los controles sanitarios necesarios.

01:30: La Comisión Nacional de Salud de China confirmó que los números de casos confirmados y sospechosos de transmisión local del coronavirus en la parte continental han disminuido durante casi una semana, en lo que se trata de una tendencia claramente descendente, según ha informado este sábado la Comisión Nacional de Salud (CNS).

01:20: El Gobierno filipino estableció un toque de queda en la capital del país, Manila, tras constatar 34 nuevos positivos por coronavirus, hasta los 98 casos, y tres fallecidos en la última hora.

01:00: La Secretaría de Salud de México (SSA) confirmó que ya hay 41 casos confirmados de coronavirus en el país y 155 casos sospechosos en estudio.

00:40: El Gobierno polaco todavía mantiene la fecha de las elecciones presidenciales del 10 de mayo pero reconoció que la crisis provocada por el coronavirus ha creado una situación en permanente evolución y ya no se puede descartar esta posibilidad.

00:30: Perú confirmó cinco nuevos casos de coronavirus y con esto se elevó a 43 el número de personas afectadas en el país.

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