Coronavirus, live: the advance of the pandemic and the measures of the authorities

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with new cases of infection and fatalities in Asia, Europe, the United States, and confirmed patients in Latin America. Governments deploy more drastic to try to stop the advance of the strain, although it does not have a high mortality rate, it presents difficulties for an early detection that helps to stop the spread.

The schedules are expressed in GMT:

9.50: The Government of France announced that Emmanuel Macron will give a speech at night about the coronavirus

09.30: Russia announced a series of measures to sustain economic activity and fight the spread of the new coronavirus, and called on companies to take greater responsibility.

8:30: A woman died in Bahrain from the new coronavirus, the country’s health ministry announced Monday, the first death from COVID-19 in the Gulf region.

8:00: Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced the closure of the border with Belarus to contain the spread of the pandemic, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

5:30:South Korea’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 74 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, which is the lowest daily contagion increase since February 21.

4:30: The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed the death of 14 more people due to the new coronavirus, bringing the deceased to 3,213, and the spread of 16 people, which implies a total of 80,860.

3:00: The President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, announced that the movement of people and vehicles will be restricted from next Tuesday throughout the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, which leaves 37 cases, including two deaths.

2:30: The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio said he will sign an executive order limiting restaurants, bars and cafes to just delivery, and the closing of discos, cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

1:30: The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, decreed this Sunday the national state of emergency for 15 days, which includes the total closure of the borders and orders the immobilization of citizens to fight against the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

1:00: The Ministry of Health of Mexico reported this Sunday that there are already 53 confirmed cases in the country for coronavirus, as well as 176 suspected cases.

1:00: Panama will prohibit the entry of foreigners to the country as of Monday, which has already cut off the air connection with Europe and Asia, and ordered the closure of shops nationwide in a strengthening of measures to curb the coronavirus, which already leaves one dead and 54 other confirmed cases of contagion.

00.54: The Mercosur countries will coordinate the closure of their borders due to the coronavirus. “On Monday we will carry out a joint resolution between all the countries of the region in a teleconference,” reported the Paraguayan president, Mario Abdo, who is the current president pro tempore of the regional bloc.

Abdo said that “The plan is to reduce income at the borders”. “We are going to close several of the places and we are going to reduce the income and expenses at our borders so that there is greater control,” he said. “One of the proposals is the partial closure of the border for people, not for goods.”

00.32: The Luis Lacalle Pou government confirmed two new cases of coronavirus, for a total of eight infected people in the country. Former Colorado Senator Pedro Bordaberry is one of the new infected, he himself declared that he does not know how it was infected so it would be an autochthonous case. “I was not in China, I was not in any marriage. I don’t know, it happened. I feel like I have had a little bit more flu, my legs hurt, I have a little fever, not much and well, it gave me positive and no more than that, “he said.

23.28: There are 11 new cases of coronavirus in Argentina and the total of infected amounts to 56, of which two died.

23.22: Colombia suspended classes at public colleges and universities to contain coronavirus expansion.

23.09: Uruguay confirmed two new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to eight.

22.58: The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernándezannounced the suspension of classes for 15 days to minimize the circulation of the coronavirus. In addition, he reported that the country’s borders were closed.

22.42: Confirmed in Guatemala the first death from coronavirus. This is an 85-year-old man who arrived on March 6 from Madrid, Spain.

21.45: The New York City public school system, the nation’s largest, will begin closing this week, the governor announced Sunday. Andrew M. Cuomo. All Westchester and Long Island public schools will also close, the governor said.

The closings will alter the lives and routines of 1.1 million children, 75,000 teachers, and more than a million parents, and will undoubtedly provoke broader turmoil at a time of deep anxiety for New Yorkers.

21.30: Donald Trump celebrated the Federal Reserve announcements to deal with the coronavirus and called on Americans not to collect food. The Fed decided to cut interest rates to 0%, in order to boost economic activity and combat the detrimental effects of the virus’s expansion in the world economy. “We will be fine,” said the head of state, during a press conference at the White House.

According to data from the government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 3,000 cases have been registered throughout the country and 62 people have died, mostly in Washington state.

21.20: The dictator Nicolás Maduro announced that from this Monday, starting at 5 in the morning, seven states of Venezuela will enter into collective quarantine. In addition, he detailed that there are seven new confirmed cases of people infected with COVID-19, with what are already 17 people.

“The collective social quarantine will be in the areas where the highest incidence of this imported virus has been detected and in the areas where the quarantine cases are distributed: Caracas, La Guaira, Miranda, Zulia, Táchira, Apure and Cojedes,” reported the Chavista president from the Miraflores Palace.

21.00: The Mayor of Miami Beach, Dan Gelber, announced the closure of Lummus Park and its beaches in South Beach all day from Fifth Street to 15, according to the Miami Herald. In addition, he reported that he will institute a curfew starting at 23 in the city’s South Beach entertainment district and will force all businesses to close at 22. The mayor also confirmed that the city will close parking lots for everyone except residents. . “The party is over,” said Gelber.

In addition to Miami, Fort Lauderdale will also close its public beaches and limit hours of operation for bars, clubs, and restaurants.

19.35: The Government of Peru raised the number of coronavirus cases in the country to 71 this Sunday and announced that it is evaluating ordering the generalized quarantine to stop the spread of the disease in the national territory.

The last official report at 1:10 p.m. (6:10 p.m. GMT) confirmed a large increase from the 43 cases reported on Saturday and specified that 58 of the total occur in Lima. Before knowing these latest figures, the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Jorge Montenegro, admitted that the Government is evaluating the possibility of ordering the generalized quarantine. “It is being evaluated, it is a measure within several that have been taking place several days ago. The important thing is that you act with enough responsibility and we ask the citizens to remain calm, “he told the RPP Noticias radio station.

19.30: France confirmed 29 new deaths from coronavirus, the biggest jump in a day

19.10: The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, reported this Sunday that this state became the main focus of the coronavirus in the US, with 729 cases. registered and 3 deaths, and called on the Government to increase hospital capacity because 80% of the 3,000 intensive care beds are occupied.

Cuomo explained in a press conference broadcast online that the rising numbers in New York are the result of the largest means of testing and that of the 729 positive cases, 137 people are hospitalized, of which 65 are in intensive care (ICU ) and of them, 46 tubes. Across the country, there are more than 3,000 cases and 62 people have died, most in Washington state.

19.00: ANDhe president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno announced that next Monday he will hold a virtual meeting with his Prosur colleagues on the issue of coronavirus, that in his country so far has 26 infected and two deceased, according to the National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE). “I have been in contact throughout the day with other leaders in the region, about the situation of COVID19,” wrote the head of state on his Twitter account. He added: “On Monday, the presidents of member nations of Prosur will meet virtually to agree actions for the well-being and health of our peoples ”.

The Forum for the Progress of South America (Prosur) is the international organization that integrates the South American nations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay and Peru.

18.00: The confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ecuador rose from 26 to 37 (two of them deceased), while 273 remain in an epidemiological fence, reported this Sunday the National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE). Thirty of the infected remain “stable in home isolation”, five are hospitalized: three in “stable” conditions and two with “reserved prognosis”.

In five of the 24 provinces of Ecuador the infected are registered, being that of Guayas, with 19 cases, the highest, followed by Los Ríos, with 10.In the province of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito – at the same time capital of the country- there are six confirmed cases, while in Sucumbíos and Azuay, there is one in each.

17.45: the Chilean president Sebastián Piñera suspended classes for 15 days. The measure will govern “in kindergartens, municipal schools and subsidized private schools.” There are 61 infected in the country.

17.30: The deceased in Italy with the coronavirus reached 1,809 today, which supposes a increase of 368 in the last twenty-four hours, according to the latest balance reported by the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, at a press conference.

The number of sick Currently in Italy, the main focus of Europe, is 20,603 people, 2,853 more compared to the data of yesterday Saturday, and the healed are 2,335, which is equivalent to an increase of 369 compared to the last bulletin. The Milan region, Lombardy (north), is still the most affected, with 1,218 deaths and 13,272 cases. With that, the number of total infections since the detection of the outbreak at the end of February is 24,747, counting the sick, the deceased and the cured, while the tests carried out on the population now total 124,899.

17.00: The Colombian President, Iván Duque announced that no foreigner will be allowed to enter the country from Monday, March 16, except those who have residence, as part of the expansion of measures to control the expansion of the coronavirus. “I would like to inform the country: as of March 16, the entry into the country of non-nationals and non-residents in Colombia is restricted. All Colombian passengers and foreign residents will have mandatory preventive isolation for 14 days, “Duque said on Twitter.

16.55: Greek police reported 96 arrests since Thursday by people who defied quarantine. Four people have died in the country from coronavirus.

16.50: United Kingdom raised to 35 the number of deaths from coronavirus in the country, according to the latest balance issued by the Ministry of Health, compared to 21 in the previous estimate. Health authorities confirm a total of 1,372 positive cases of the virus throughout the country.

16.30: The government of Holland ordered the closure of all schools, bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, brothels and other establishments.

16.20: The participation rate in the municipal elections in France, in the midst of a pandemic, fell 16 points with respect to past votes, in the official report on voters until 5 pm (local time). The figure indicates a vote of 38.7% of the register.

16.10: – The Ecuadorian government announced a suspension of passenger flights from abroad until April 5 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

15.30: The French government indicated it will tighten controls on the German border, but denied it is a closure. The press in France and Germany reported that Angela Merkel’s government plans an imminent closure of traffic between the two countries.

15.00: Colombia confirmed 10 new cases of Covid-19 in the country, seven of them from people who were in Spain or the United States, thus amounting to 3. 4 the infected. Of the new cases, two were reported in Bogotá, an adult man and a young woman who were recently in Spain, and two in Cartagena de Indias, which are “contact cases,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

14.50: Quarantine in Madrid. The demand for public transport in the Spanish capital fell by 81.1% this Saturday compared to the same day the previous week.

14.50: The automobile brand Ferrari suspended until March 27 the production of cars in its factories in Italy to protect its workers from the coronavirus, which has caused 1,441 deaths and more than 21,000 infected in the country.

14.40: The obligation to subject passengers from Europe to controls that rule out symptoms of COVID-19 has created the chaos at United States airports, causing hours of waiting to pass border controls. According to the accounts of those affected, these controls force them to remain crowded together with passengers from other flights in closed spaces for hours, without it being known if there are sick people among them, which also contradicts the recommendations to avoid crowds to prevent contagion and spread of the new coronavirus.

14.30: The World Health Organization denied that the money transmits the virus. According to a report published in British media, the UN agency had linked the Covid-19 with the tickets, but a spokeswoman said the information was misrepresented.

14.20: American Airlines will reduce its international long-haul capacity by 75% starting this Monday, with a phased suspension that affects destinations in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

14.10: More than 10,000 Turkish pilgrims who returned to their country from Mecca have been placed under 14-day quarantine in university residences, after a person who had been in the Arab city tested positive for coronavirus last Friday.

14.05: The Cádiz (Spain) police travel the city to order pedestrians to return to their homes. “Put on your clothes and get dressed, you are not on vacation, we are in a state of alarm,” a patrolman urged a person who was on the beach.

14.00: The Moroccan Government suspended all international flights until further notice, as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus. At first, the government suspended flights with China and Italy, later it did so with Spain, thirdly with several European countries and finally this Sunday it closed its airspace.

13.40: The global death toll from coronavirus reached 6,000, according to a count recorded by the agency AFP.

13.25: The Government of Denmark announced a temporary agreement with employers and unions whereby the State will cover 75% of the salary of workers in private companies that could lose their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis, under the commitment that there will be no layoffs.

13.20: Nike announced the closure of all its stores in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand due to the coronavirus

13.05: The Spanish government confirmed more than 100 new deaths and the total reached 288. In addition, another 2,000 infected in the last 24 hours were registered.

12.50: Cases grow in Portugal: there are already 245 infected, 76 more than Saturday’s report.

12.00: Participation in the French municipal elections, which are taking place in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, stood at 18.38% at noon, a drop of almost five points compared to that recorded in the last local elections (23.16%), that were held in 2014

11.40: The Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti, one of the most renowned in the country, died at the age of 92 in a Milan hospital from complications of pneumonia after contracting the coronavirus. He designed the Barcelona Olympic Stadium and the Opera Arcimboldi theater in Milan, among many other works.

11.20: Austria banned gatherings of more than five people. The government announced that freedom of movement is restricted to the minimum necessary and that the right of assembly is suspended under penalty of fines of up to 3,600 euros.

11.00: Poland announced the closure of its border with Germany and other European countries in an initiative to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

10.30: Iran reported 113 new deaths from the pandemic, a daily record of fatalities for the country. Authorities urged citizens to cancel all trips and stay at their homes. The total reached 724 and the number of infected reached 14 thousand.

9.30: The Al Aqsa Mosque, the third most important place in Islam, closed its doors in an extremely unusual decision to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Jerusalem.

IsraelFor his part, he also announced that the Wailing Wall will be divided into sections to guarantee the faithful two meters of minimum security space against contagion, as confirmed by the Israeli police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld.

8.30: United Kingdom announced a protocol of “prolonged isolation” for those over 70 years.

7.50: The Supreme Court of Israel decided that the corruption trial against the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, be postponed for two months until May 24 due to the effects of the pandemic.

7.00: Polls opened for municipal elections throughout France, despite restrictive measures to avoid contagion. More than 47 million citizens are called to the polls.

6.00: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced this Sunday that all people arriving from abroad will have to isolate themselves for 14 days to stop the spread of the new coronavirus in the country. “We will have to get used to some changes in the way we live,” he declared.

5.00: People from abroad who come to Beijing will be put in quarantine in special centers starting Monday to fight cases of new imported coronaviruses. People they will have to pay the costs of the staysaid the Beijing Daily, an official English newspaper. China reported 20 new cases, of which 16 are from people who came from abroad.

03:30: The Minister of Communication and Information of the dictatorship in Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, stated that as of Sunday, all flights from the Dominican Republic and Panama are suspended for 30 days to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela through social networks.

03:21: The Acting President of BoliviaJeanine Áñez announced that people from China, South Korea, Italy and Spain will be banned from entering the country, as part of the measures the country is taking to deal with the coronavirus.

03:16: At least six people who were close to the president of BrazilJair Bolsonaro, during his recent trip to the United States, tested positive for coronavirus.

03:11: The Ecuadorian authorities have announced the closure of land and sea borders and the suspension of international flights to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, of which 28 cases have been confirmed so far in Ecuadorian territory. There are 28 cases and two confirmed deaths from the new coronavirus.

03:00: The President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, announced the suspension of the mobilizations against the dictator Nicolás Maduro to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

02:41: The Government of India declared the state of “catastrophe” to facilitate the release of the funds needed by those affected by the coronavirus, as reported by the Interior Ministry on Saturday.

02:33: The health authorities of Namibia, Rwanda and Mauritania have confirmed this Saturday the appearance of the first cases of coronavirus in their countries, including those of two people who came from Spain, according to the Namibian Ministry of Health. from Twitter.

02:20: The Netherlands confirmed 155 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, up to a total of 959 infections since the appearance of what is now considered a pandemic.

02:11: The British Government confirmed 10 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the death to this new disease to 21 in the United Kingdom.

03:00: The self-proclaimed president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, has announced that various countries in the international community have committed more than 100 million dollars (euros) for the acquisition of medical supplies to combat the coronavirus. The announcement came after a meeting by Áñez with diplomatic representatives of countries such as Italy or China.

02:40: The Iranian Government confirmed that the number of deaths from the coronavirus has increased to 611 – compared to 514 in the last balance – and that the total number of confirmed cases in the country is 12,729, as reported by the Ministry of Health.

02:11: The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, decreed the National Alarm State for the coronavirus after the confirmation of the first two cases in the country. In addition, Maduro has announced that in the next few days work activities will be suspended throughout the country to prevent the spread.

02:00: The Government of Venezuela condemned the decision of the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, to close the seven border crossings on the understanding that it is a decision that will only increase the use of clandestine routes controlled by the paramilitaries, which nullifies the necessary sanitary controls.

01:30: The National Health Commission of China confirmed that the numbers of confirmed and suspected cases of local coronavirus transmission in the mainland have decreased for almost a week, in what is a clearly downward trend, as reported this Saturday by the National Health Commission (CNS).

01:20: The Philippine government established a curfew in the country’s capital, Manila, after finding 34 new positive for coronavirus, up to 98 cases, and three died in the last hour.

01:00: The Secretariat of Salud de México (SSA) confirmed that there are already 41 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and 155 suspected cases in study.

00:40: The Polish Government still maintains the date of the presidential elections of May 10 but recognized that the crisis caused by the coronavirus has created a situation in permanent evolution and this possibility can no longer be ruled out.

00:30: Peru confirmed five new cases of coronavirus and with this rose to 43 the number of people affected in the country.

23:30: The president of United States, Donald Trump tested negative for the coronavirus. The president underwent the test after coming into contact with several members of a Brazilian presidential delegation who visited his Florida resort and who tested positive. “This afternoon I received confirmation that the test is negative,” said the President’s physician, Sean Conley.

23:00: The wife of the President of the Spanish Government, Begoña Gómez, has tested positive for the coronavirusAccording to sources from the Executive who assure that both she and her husband, Pedro Sánchez, are well.

Both are kept in the Palacio de la Moncloa and at all times follow the preventive measures established by the health authorities.

The positive of Sánchez’s wife has been detected through tests carried out in recent hours on people closest to the Prime Minister.

22:30: Argentina reported 11 new cases of coronavirus in the country and there are a total of 45 infected. They belong to the City of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Chaco and the province of Buenos Aires. Of the 11 infected people, 10 correspond to cases with a history of travel to risk areas, while the other confirmed case belongs to close contact with confirmed cases.

The 11 patients are complying with the established isolation by the health authorities and under the medical supervision of the institutions that attended them. Of the 45 patients reported so far, 3 were discharged, 2 died and 40 are in treatment.

20:20: Israel confirmed 193 coronavirus cases, 46 more than on Friday, and are preparing exceptional measures to curb the contagion that could be caused by the closure for five weeks of companies and businesses.

In addition, almost 40,000 people are in quarantine, including 2,479 toilets, according to data from the Israeli Ministry of Health collected by the newspaper. The Jerusalem Post. Three of the patients are in critical condition.

Meanwhile, it has been leaked to the media that the Government is preparing to close all non-essential activities for five weeks to combat contagion. Only supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open. On Thursday the government already announced the closure of all colleges and universities. Now the closure would be extended to nursery schools, special education centers and boarding schools.

20:10: The Spanish Government restricted the movement of people throughout the country, except for exceptional reasons, within the state of alarm that it approved this Saturday to combat the expansion of the coronavirus.

The measures, the most drastic approved by a Spanish Executive in decades, establish from this Saturday the closure of educational centers nationwide, as well as non-essential shops, sports and cultural shows and entertainment venues, announced the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

20:00: Venezuela demanded a “mandatory quarantine” for all travelers from Europe who arrived in the country in March, one day after confirming their first two cases of the new coronavirus.

19:50:Ecuador decided to prohibit, from tomorrow, the entry of foreigners by air, land or sea in the framework of the declared health emergency to prevent the spread of Covid 19. “This prohibition is effective from Sunday March 15 at 11:59 pm for foreign citizens. That is to say, prohibition of entry by any means of transport, be it air, sea or land for foreign citizens starting tomorrow, “reported Ecuador Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner.

He clarified that for Ecuadorians or foreigners residing in Ecuador, the prohibition applies “from Monday, March 16 at 11:59 p.m.” In the country there are two confirmed deaths from coronavirus and 28 infected.

19:30: Colombia expelled two French and two Spaniards for violating mandatory isolation for travelers arriving from France and Spain, one of the countries most affected by the new coronavirus pandemic.

18:50:France announced on Saturday the closure after midnight of “all non-essential public premises”, such as bars, restaurants and cinemas, and the passage to phase 3 of the epidemic, which implies that the coronavirus is present throughout the territory.

18:30: Ecuador reported the second death from the coronavirus and confirmed 28 infected.

17:50: Two cases of coronavirus were registered in Jalisco and they accumulate 30 infected in Mexico.

17:30: The United States raised the death toll to 50 and contagions to more than 2,500.

17:10: New York confirmed her first death from coronavirus and registered 524 cases of contagion. Governor Andrew Cuomo said he is concerned about the capacity of the hospital system, and welcomed President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a health emergency nationwide.

five pm:The death toll in Italy rose to 1,441. Civil Protection reported that 175 people died in the last twenty-four hours on Italian territory.

16:35: Donald Trump reported that he underwent a test for coronavirus whose result is still unknown. “Last night I underwent the test. I decided that I should do it because at the press conference there were people asking if I had been tested, “he told a conference with journalists at the White House, after explaining on Friday that he did not need it because he had no symptoms.

16:25: The White House announced that it will take the temperature of “all people in close contact” with the President of the United States, Donald Trump; and Vice President Mike Pence, “as a precaution” against the coronavirus.

The head of state assured on Friday that he did not undergo a test, despite having been in contact with a Brazilian infected with the coronavirus. And during a press conference at the White House, he waved repeatedly, going against health recommendations.

16:25: The Netherlands confirmed 155 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours up to a total of 959 infections since the appearance of what is now considered a pandemic.

At the moment, however, there is no record of new deaths from the disease, which has claimed a dozen fatalities, according to the latest balance from the Ministry of Health.

16:15: Those infected by coronavirus in Colombia are already 22. Health authorities reported this Saturday six new cases of coronavirus in Colombia, three of them imported and including a Spanish citizen, reported the Ministry of Health.

Of these new cases, three were registered in Bogotá, two in Medellín and one in the town of Rionegro, in the department of Antioquia (northwest), the Health portfolio detailed in a brief statement.

15:30: The Argentinian Lionel Messi lanzó este sábado desde su domicilio en Castelldefels (Barcelona) un mensaje de ánimo a todo el mundo por las limitaciones que está ocasionando la pandemia del coronavirus, y con las etiquetas mundiales #QuedateEnCasa y #StayAtHome animó a todos a ser “responsables”.

Junto a una fotografía en su casa junto a dos de sus tres hijos, Messi dijo en su cuenta de Instagram: “Es el momento de ser responsable y quedarse en casa. Son días complicados para todo el mundo. We live worried about what is happening and we want to help putting ourselves in the place of those who are having the worst of it, either because it directly affected them or their family and friends, or because they are working on the front line to combat it in hospitals and health centers. Health. Quiero enviarles mucha fuerza a todos ellos”.

14:50: El Gobierno británico ha confirmado este sábado 10 muertes por coronavirus en las últimas 24 horas, con lo que son ya 21 los fallecidos por esta nueva enfermedad en Reino Unido. El coordinador del Gobierno para el coronavirus, Chris Whitty, ha explicado que todos los fallecidos en las últimas horas pertenecían a grupos “de riesgo”.

14:40: Italia aprobó un protocolo para evitar contagios entre los trabajadores. Los sindicatos y los empresarios firmaron un protocolo para evitar contagios de coronavirus en los puestos de trabajo, que entre otras medidas incluye la posibilidad de tomar la temperatura de los empleados y limitar su contacto.

El acuerdo llegó tras una negociación durante toda la noche y servirá para “regular las medidas de lucha y contención de la difusión del coronavirus en los espacios laborales”.

14:10: El Gobierno español aprobó restringir el movimiento de personas salvo para ir a trabajar, comprar alimentos o medicamentos, acudir a hospitales o cuidar a ancianos o personas dependientes. La medida entrará en vigor el lunes a partir de las 8:00.

Fuentes del Ejecutivo explicaron que estas medidas forman parte de la declaración del estado de alarma para contener la pandemia de coronavirus, y que tendrían en principio una duración de quince días, que podrán ampliarse otras dos semanas previa aprobación del Congreso.

13:45: Las autoridades del Kurdistán iraquí decretaron un toque de queda de 48 horas para intentar frenar la epidemia del coronavirus, dejando la ciudadela de Erbil desierta y los edificios de oficinas vacíos. El viernes a medianoche, se impuso en las dos grandes provincias kurdas del norte de Irak un toque de queda.

13:30: Cuba confirmó que más de 140 personas están en aislamiento por coronavirus. Siguen en estudio por haber estado en contacto con los enfermos confirmados (cuatro personas, tres italianos, y un residente en Santa Clara) o ser casos sospechosos de portar el virus, de ellos 84 son cubanos.

13:10: Dos miembros del cuerpo técnico del Alavés dieron positivo por coronavirus. “Con ocasión de las pruebas realizadas a parte de los integrantes del Deportivo Alavés como consecuencia de la situación de emergencia sanitaria actual, han resultado dos test positivos en coronavirus”, indicó el club español.

12:37: El político español Javier Solana, ex secretario general de la OTAN y antiguo jefe de la diplomacia europea, está ingresado en Madrid al haber dado positivo por coronavirus. “Ha dado positivo pero su evolución es favorable”, dijo una fuente de su entorno. “Voy mejorando”, tuiteó el propio Solana en respuesta a un mensaje de ánimo lanzado por un usuario.

12:20: Sevilla suspendió sus procesiones de Semana Santa por el coronavirus. “El consejo de hermandades y cofradías, ayuntamiento de Sevilla y arzobispado acuerdan la suspensión de los desfiles procesionales de la Semana Santa 2020”, indicó en un comunicado el consistorio sevillano.

La salud pública y el interés general están en juego”, añadió el comunicado, que calificó de “dolorosa” una decisión que frustra meses de preparativos. La anterior suspensión de la Semana Santa sevillana se remonta al año 1933.

12:10: Bélgica registró el cuarto fallecido y 133 nuevos contagios. Una cuarta persona con coronavirus ha fallecido en Bélgica, mientras que los contagios siguen aumentando con 133 nuevos casos positivos, lo que eleva el total de enfermos en el país a 689, informaron este sábado las autoridades sanitarias del país.

Los 133 nuevos casos surgen de los 1.739 tests realizados durante el viernes y mantienen la senda ascendente tras los 153 positivos anunciados ese día.

Sobre el cuarto fallecido, las autoridades sanitarias indicaron a la agencia de noticias EFE what se trata de una persona de avanzada edad, si bien no facilitaron más detalles. Con anterioridad, ya habían muerto contagiados con el COVID-19 otros tres individuos de 90, 73 y 86 años.

12:00: España registró 1.500 nuevos casos de coronavirus desde la tarde del viernes, elevando el balance de la epidemia a 5.753 infectados y 136 personas fallecidas, 15 más que antes, según los datos divulgados este sábado por el Ministerio de Sanidad.

El gobierno español pone en marcha este sábado el estado de alarma para luchar contra el coronavirus en este país, el segundo más castigado de Europa que en menos de una semana ha multiplicado por diez el número de infectados.

11:30: El coronavirus le quitó vida a uno de los altos comandantes del Cuerpo de los Guardianes de la Revolución, Naser Shabaní, quien tuvo varias responsabilidades en ese cuerpo elite a lo largo de los últimos 37 años.

Shabaní ha sido comandante en varios rangos, como comandante del cuerpo urbano, de cuerpos provinciales y regionales y perdió ayer su vida por estar contagiado de coronavirus, informaron hoy medios locales que destacan su liderazgo militar.

11:15: Las autoridades sanitarias de Brasil anunciaron el primer paciente curado de coronavirus del país, donde hay cerca de un centenar de casos confirmados y otros 1.500 están bajo investigación, sin que se hayan registrado muertes.

Así lo confirmó el coordinador del Centro de Contingencia del Coronavirus en el Estado de Sao Paulo, David Uip, en una rueda de prensa en la que participó también el ministro de Salud de Brasil, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, entre otras autoridades.

10:50: Irán anunció otros 97 muertos por el coronavirus. El balance oficial de la epidemia subió a 611 muertos en el país, uno de los más afectados del mundo.

“Fueron registrados 1.365 nuevos casos de personas contaminadas en las últimas 24 horas”, declaró el portavoz del ministerio de Sanidad, Kianoush Jahanpur, en una rueda de prensa en televisión. Esta cifra lleva a 12.729 el número de contagios en Irán.

10:30: Turquía cierra sus fronteras a los ciudadanos de nueve países europeos, entre ellos España. El país anunció el cierre de sus fronteras a los ciudadanos de nueve naciones europeas, entre ellas España, como parte de sus medidas para contener la pandemia del coronavirus, según ha informado el Ministerio del Interior.

Los países afectados, junto a España, son Austria, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Alemania, Noruega, Países Bajos y Suecia.

09:45: El futbolista de la Selección Argentina Germán Pezzella tiene coronavirus. “ACF Fiorentina announces that, after the positivity of Coronavirus-COVID-19 by Dusan Vlahovic, in the presence of some symptoms, the players Patrick Cutrone and German Pezzella and the physical therapist Stefano Dainelli have had a positive result. Todos gozan de buena salud en su casa de Florencia”, anunció el club mediante un comunicado.

9:10: El Gobierno de Perú endureció las medidas para afrontar el brote de coronavirus y advirtió que los turistas que incumplan con presentar una declaración jurada de salud o los protocolos de cuarentena serán denunciados y podrían ir a prisión.

08:35: El embajador brasileño en Washington, Nestor Forster, dio positivo por coronavirus, días después de cenar con el presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, en Mar-a-Lago. Forster es la tercera persona que estuvo en contacto con Trump este pasado fin de semana en su mansión de la Florida que da positivo por COVID-19.

08:00: Apple cierra todas sus tiendas fuera de China hasta el 27 de marzo por la pandemia. The leading maker of mobile phones and computers claims to have learned its lesson in China, where it closed its stores when the epidemic escalated and has just reopened. “La manera más efectiva de minimizar la transmisión del virus es reducir las concentraciones de personas y aumentar la distancia entre ellas”, dijo Tim Cook en un comunicado.

07:40: Russia closes its land borders with Poland and Norway for foreigners. La prohibición se aplicará a todos los extranjeros que viajen “por razones profesionales o privadas” Quedan exentos los procedentes de Bielorrusia, los miembros de “delegaciones oficiales” y las personas que tengan un permiso de residencia en Rusia, según el comunicado del jefe de gobierno, Mijail Mishustin.

05:35: El Gobierno panameño cancelará vuelos desde Europa. “Vamos a hablar con las aerolíneas que vienen de estos países con riesgo de salud y vamos a hacer la lista de los países que tendremos restringido viajar a Panamá”, informó en rueda de prensa Gustavo Pérez, director general de la Autoridad Aeronáutica Civil.

04:15: Las autoridades sanitarias de Bolivia informaron este viernes que los casos confirmados de coronavirus subieron de tres a 10 en el país, con siete nuevos pacientes que estuvieron en contacto con una de las primeras personas que dio positivo por la enfermedad.

03:15: China registra 11 nuevos casos de coronavirus, la mayoría de ellos “importados”. De entre estos casos, solo cuatro se registraron en la ciudad de Wuhan (centro), el epicentro del COVID-19 y donde el virus apareció a finales de 2019, según el ministerio de Salud. Es la cifra más baja desde el comienzo de la publicación de estadísticas sobre la enfermedad en enero.

01:30: Maduro declara “estado de alarma” tras llegada del coronavirus a Venezuela. “Estamos empezando una cuarentena colectiva, una cuarentena social”, dijo en cadena de radio y televisión tras firmar el decreto del estado de alarma, una modalidad de estado de excepción que le otorga facultades especiales.

00:00: Colombia cierra las fronteras con Venezuela y restringe accesos de Europa y Asia por la pandemia. El presidente de Colombia, Iván Duque, anunció este viernes el cierre de los pasos fronterizos con Venezuela y restringió la entrada de extranjeros que hayan estado en Europa y Asia en los últimos 14 días, como medidas para frenar la expansión del nuevo coronavirus.

23:45: Uruguay anunciará el “cierre parcial” de fronteras y la suspensión de todos los espectáculos públicos por el coronavirus. En una conferencia de prensa celebrada en la noche del viernes, el presidente Luis Lacalle Pou afirmó que la confirmación de los casos obligó al gobierno a cambiar la actitud que se había tenido hasta el momento ante la pandemia de COVID-19. “Estamos en una fase distinta (y eso amerita) un cambio de actitud y de acción por parte del Gobierno”, dijo el primer mandatario antes de anunciar la emergencia sanitaria.

21:30:Hay tres nuevos casos de coronavirus en la Argentina y el total de infectados asciende a 34. Hasta el momento se produjeron dos muertes. The first was a 64-year-old man who was admitted to the Argerich Hospital. Había viajado a Italia. El segundo fallecimiento ocurrió este viernes en Chaco: un ingeniero de 61 años que se encontraba hospitalizado en Resistencia. También había estado en Europa y llegó al país el 24 de febrero.

21:20: Karina Kufa, abogada del presidente Jair Bolsonaro y tesorera del partido gubernamental Alianza por Brasil, informó este viernes que los resultados de su examen mostraban que había contraído coronavirus.

Kufa es la segunda persona cercana al mandatario brasileño que se ha infectado con el virus, después de Fabio Wajngarten, el jefe de la Secretaría Especial de Comunicación (Secom) de la Presidencia de Brasil.

20:00: El gobierno catalán decidió el confinamiento total de la región, nadie podrá entrar ni salir.

19:30:Donald Trump declaró la emergencia nacional para frenar la pandemia de coronavirus.

19:00: Confirmaron los primeros cuatro casos de coronavirus en Uruguay.

17:20: El total de muertos por coronavirus en Italia asciende a 1266, tras registrarse el récord de 250 fallecidos en las últimas 24 horas.

17:00: Confirman el segundo muerto por coronavirus en Argentina.

16:58: President Donald trump planea declarar la emergencia nacional el viernes por el brote de coronavirus, invocando la Stafford law para abrir la puerta a más ayuda federal para los estados y municipios, según dos personas cercanas al asunto. Trump está bajo una presión cada vez mayor para tomar medidas al tiempo que gobernadores y alcaldes en todo el país intensifican las disposiciones para mitigar la propagación, cerrando escuelas y cancelando eventos públicos. El presidente dijo que sostendrá una conferencia de prensa a las 3 p.m. para hacer el anuncio.

16:37: El alcalde de Miami Francis Suárez dio positivo de coronavirus tras participar de un evento junto a Bolsonaro. Se había puesto preventivamente en cuarentena el jueves.

16:30: La Organización Mundial de la Salud dijo el viernes que aún no se puede decir cuándo llegará a su punto máximo la pandemia de COVID-19, que ha matado a más de 5.000 personas en todo el mundo. “Es imposible para nosotros decir cuándo llegará a su punto máximo a nivel mundial”, dijo Maria Van Kerkhove, quien dirige la unidad de enfermedades emergentes de la OMS, en una conferencia de prensa virtual, y añadió que Europa “es el nuevo epicentro de la pandemia”.

15:43: La prueba a la que se sometió Jair Bolsonaro para comprobar si tenía coronavirus dio negativo, según informó el presidente brasileño en su cuenta oficial de Twitter.

15:30: La Reina Isabel II ha pospuesto sus compromisos debido a la propagación del coronavirus, dijo el viernes el Palacio de Buckingham, calificándolo de “precaución sensata y por razones prácticas”. La casa real dijo que las visitas planeadas de la monarca de 93 años la próxima semana a Cheshire, en el noroeste de Inglaterra, y Camden, en el norte de Londres, “serán reprogramadas”, aunque las audiencias “continuarán como de costumbre”.

14:43: El presidente Pedro Sánchez decretó el estado de alarma en toda España por el coronavirus. “La emergencia sanitaria y social generada por el coronavirus conocido como COVID-19 crea circunstancias extraordinarias como las que la ley contempla para dotar al gobierno de recursos legales también extraordinarios. En la reunión prevista para mañana, el Consejo de Ministro adoptará un conjunto de decisiones excepcionales al amparo de la declaración del estado de alarma que se va a decretar mañana”, dijo Sánchez en un mensaje televisado.

14:20: La aerolínea British Airways tendrá que suprimir puestos de trabajo debido a la reducción de la actividad provocada por la epidemia de coronavirus, advirtió el viernes su presidente, el español Álex Cruz. “No podemos mantener nuestra fuerza de trabajo en su nivel actual”, afirmó según un memorando enviado al personal, cuyo contenido fue confirmado por un portavoz. “Dejaremos de cubrir ciertos destinos y mantendremos los aviones en tierra como nunca antes”, dijo.

13:57: La mayoría de regiones de Alemania va a cerrar las escuelas a partir del lunes, anunciaron el viernes las autoridades de los territorios concernidos. La medida abarca hasta ahora a 10 de las 16 regiones alemanas, entre ellas Renania del Norte-Westfalia, la más poblada del país con 18 millones de habitantes, así como Baviera (13 millones), y Berlín.

13:31: Steven Mnuchin, secretario del Tesoro de EEUU, dijo el viernes que el impacto del coronavirus en la economía es un “asunto a corto plazo”. “No hay duda de que hay un problema económico a corto plazo, pero lo superaremos”, afirmó en una entrevista. He also confirmed that Congress and President Donald Trump are “very close” to reaching a stimulus agreement to fight the economic effects of the outbreak.

13:20: España registra ya 120 muertos y más de 4.200 infectados por el coronavirus, confirmó el gobierno. La última cifra que se había dado a conocer era de 90 decesos, lo que revela un alarmante incremento en muy poco tiempo.

12:58: El Gran Premio de Baréin, previsto el 22 de marzo, fue aplazado a una fecha sin precisar debido a la pandemia de coronavirus, anunciaron este viernes las instancias dirigentes de la Fórmula 1, una decisión que llega tras las cancelaciones de las carreras en Australia y Vietnam.

12:35: Irán ordenó a sus fuerzas de seguridad despejar las calles de todo el país en un plazo de 24 horas, en un intento de detener la propagación del coronavirus, dijo este viernes el jefe de las fuerzas armadas. Una comisión recién formada se encargará de supervisar el “vaciado de tiendas, calles y carreteras”, dijo el General de División Mohammad Bagheri en declaraciones televisadas.

12:16: Francia prohíbe las reuniones de más de 100 personas por el coronavirus. El primer ministro Édouard Philippe lo anunció este viernes en una entrevista. El presidente Emmanuel Macron ordenó el cierre a partir del lunes, y “hasta nuevo aviso”, de guarderías, escuelas y universidades para frenar la propagación del virus, que ha matado a 61 personas e infectado a casi 3.000 en el país.

11:57: El gobierno húngaro anunció este viernes la anulación de la salida del Giro de Italia el 9 de mayo en Budapest, y de las dos siguientes etapas de la carrera emblema del ciclismo, debido a la epidemia de coronavirus. “Hungría no podrá organizar las tres primeras etapas del Giro de Italia”, informó en su página de Facebook Mariusz Revesz, encargado de la organización de pruebas deportivas en el gobierno húngaro. “El objetivo es que el Giro arranque en Hungría en otra fecha”, añadió.

11:33: Ya hay más de 5.000 muertos en el mundo por la pandemia de coronavirus. Al menos 5.043 personas perdieron la vida tras infectarse, de acuerdo con un balance de la agencia AFP elaborado gracias a fuentes oficiales el viernes. En China continental murieron 3.176 personas; en Italia, 1.016; y en Irán, 514. Son los tres países más afectados por COVID-19. More than 134,300 people have been contaminated in 121 countries and territories.

11:22: Un asesor especial del ayatollah Ali Khamenei, líder supremo de Irán, dio positivo de coronavirus. Ali Akbar Velayati, el principal referente de Khamenei en política exterior, se contagió tan tener contacto con varios pacientes infectados. Ahora está en cuarentena.

10:59: España elevó a 90 la cifra de muertos y a 3.864 la de contagiados. La situación es especialmente alarmante en Madrid, donde ya hay casi 2.000 personas infectadas y 40 decesos, y en el País Vasco, que declaró la “emergencia sanitaria” tras la confirmación de 346 casos y nueve muertos.

10:12: Asciende a 1.701 casos el número de infectados en Estados Unidos. Al menos 40 personas murieron y 12 se recuperaron. At least six states announced school closings starting Monday and for two weeks: Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, Maryland, Kentucky, and New Mexico.

09:54: El Gobierno de Estonia declaró el estado de emergencia y ordenó una batería de medidas para combatir el brote de coronavirus, entre ellas la imposición de controles fronterizos y el cierre de todos los centros educativos a partir del lunes.

09:43: The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has exceeded 128,000 infections and totals more than 4,700 fatalities in more than a hundred countries, according to data from health authorities compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

09:23: Norges Bank, el banco central de Noruega, decidió bajar en 50 puntos básicos el tipo de interés de referencia de su política monetaria, hasta el 1%, tras mantener una reunión de emergencia para abordar el impacto del coronavirus en la economía del país y asegurar la estabilidad económica ante el riesgo de una “recesión pronunciada”, según ha anunciado la institución en un comunicado.

09:00: Los gobiernos de Kenia, Gabón y Ghana han anunciado este jueves los primeros casos del nuevo coronavirus en sus territorios, lo que ha derivado ya en medidas de control para prevenir la mayor expansión de este brote.

08:32: La portavoz del Departamento de Estados Unidos, Morgan Ortagus, ha reclamado al Gobierno de Irán que libere a todos los ciudadanos condenados “injustamente” a penas de prisión en la República Islámica, después de que el ministro de Exteriores iraní, Mohamad Yavad Zarif, exigiera el levantamiento de las sanciones estadounidenses para poder afrontar la lucha contra la pandemia del coronavirus.

08:16: La pandemia del nuevo coronavirus deja un balance en territorio de Estados Unidos de más de 1.600 personas contagiadas y un total de 40 víctimas mortales, según datos federales recopilados por la Universidad Johns Hopkins.

08:00: El ministro del Interior de Australia, Peter Dutton, ha confirmado que dio positivo en la prueba médica del coronavirus, tras haberse despertado con algo de fiebre y con dolor de garganta, según informó la cadena de televisión ABC.

07:23: China anunció este viernes solo ocho nuevos contagios por coronavirus, la cifra más baja desde que comenzó a publicar estadísticas de la epidemia a mediados de enero.

07:18: Un pasajero y un miembro de la tripulación de un barco de la compañía Costa Cruceros, en cuarentena frente a las costas de Martinica, están contagiados del nuevo coronavirus, anunciaron este viernes las autoridades locales.

07:00: El presidente de Panamá, Laurentino Cortizo, anunció este viernes la declaración del estado de emergencia con el objetivo de contener la pandemia del coronavirus en el país, que hasta el momento ha registrado 27 casos y una muerte.

06:30: Una delegada de la misión permanente de Filipinas ante Naciones Unidas dio positivo en el nuevo coronavirus, el primer caso conocido en la sede de la ONU en Nueva York.

06:00: El presidente de la Dirección Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (DINAC) Édgar Melgarejo, anunció que Paraguay suspenderá las rutas de los vuelos comerciales desde Europa a partir de este sábado hasta el día 26 de marzo.

05:30: El partido Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) de Bolivia y las alianzas electorales Comunidad Ciudadana (CC) han decidido suspender sus actos de campaña masivos como medida de prevención y control del nuevo coronavirus.

05:07: The Minister of Communication and spokesman for the Government of Gabon, Edgar Anicet Mboumbou Miyakou, and the Ghanaian Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, announced the first cases of the new coronavirus in their territories.

05:01: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, la esposa del primer ministro de Canadá, Justin Trudeau, ha dado positivo en la prueba para diagnosticar el nuevo coronavirus, por lo que el mandatario permanecerá en cuarentena 14 días.

04:50: El presidente de China, Xi Jinping, invitó a la comunidad internacional a emprender “acciones urgentes” contra la epidemia del nuevo coronavirus en una conversación mantenida con el secretario general de Naciones Unidas, António Guterres.

04:21: El presidente encargado de Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, anunció medidas para combatir una eventual llegada del coronavirus al país, que actualmente no ha registrado ningún caso.

04:14: El presidente de Argentina, Alberto Fernández, informó que el Gobierno será “muy estricto” con “los controles sanitarios” en todos los lugares de acceso y prohibirá durante 30 días los vuelos de las regiones más afectadas por el coronavirus como Europa, Estados Unidos, China o Corea del Sur, con el fin de evitar “en todo lo posible” que se produzcan más casos en el país, que a fecha de hoy están cifrados en 31.

04:02: El primer ministro de Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, y su principal opositor, Benny Gantz, discutieron a última hora de este jueves la posibilidad de conformar un gobierno de emergencia ante la crisis desatada por el nuevo coronavirus.

04:00: El Gobierno de Honduras vetó la entrada al país de personas procedentes de Europa, China, Irán y Corea del Sur, ni por vía aérea ni terrestre, como medida de prevención para evitar la propagación del nuevo coronavirus.

03:41: El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Austria pidió “encarecidamente” a sus ciudadanos que regresen cuanto antes a sus hogares para evitar estar expuestos al coronavirus y llamó a los posibles turistas a no acceder al país si no es “urgentemente necesario”.

03:17: El Gobierno de Perú suspendió la llegada de vuelos procedentes de Europa y Asia al país como medida de prevención del nuevo coronavirus, según ha informado la Presidencia del Consejo de Ministros peruano mediante un comunicado.

03:00: Las autoridades marroquíes cerrarán las fronteras de Ceuta y Melilla el puesto fronterizo de Beni Enzar durante la madrugada de este viernes, como medida preventiva para contener la entrada de personas con coronavirus en sus respectivos territorios.

02:30: El líder opositor israelí Benny Gantz expresó este jueves a última hora que está dispuesto a abordar la posibilidad de formar un gobierno de unidad con el primer ministro, Benjamin Netanyahu, ante la crisis del coronavirus.

02:00: El alcalde de la ciudad estadounidense de Nueva York, Bill de Blasio, declaró este jueves el estado de emergencia por el coronavirus, que ha dejado hasta el momento 35 muertos y cerca de un millar de contagiados, y ha alertado de que la crisis sanitaria podría “fácilmente” durar unos seis meses.

01:30: El Gobierno de Sudán anunció este jueves la prohibición de entrada a ciudadanos provenientes de ocho países, entre ellos España, a causa del nuevo coronavirus, que ha dejado más de 4.600 muertos a nivel mundial.

01:13: El líder supremo de Irán, el ayatolá Alí Jamenei, ordenó este jueves al Ejército la creación de una “oficina central de sanidad y tratamiento” para intentar hacer frente al brote de nuevo coronavirus, que ha dejado hasta ahora cerca de 430 muertos en el país.

01:00: La Casa Real de Dinamarca anunció la cancelación de todos los eventos previstos para la celebración del 80º cumpleaños de la reina Margarita, el 16 de abril, a causa del brote del nuevo coronavirus.

00:43 La Unión Europea y Reino Unido decidieron suspender la cita presencial de sus equipos negociadores la próxima semana Londres para evitar riesgos de contagio por coronavirus, por lo que buscan ahora soluciones telemáticas que les permitan mantener en las mismas fechas la ronda de conversaciones desde la distancia.

00:39: Las autoridades de Marruecos anunciaron este jueves la suspensión hasta nuevo aviso de las conexiones aéreas y el tráfico marítimo de pasajeros desde y hacia España, a causa del nuevo coronavirus.

00.20: Disney anunció el cierre de sus parques temáticos en Florida y París por el avance de la pandemia

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