Coronavirus | Line 134, to report those who violate the quarantine, received more than 27,000 calls

The phone line 134, which the Government arranged so that people can denounce those who returned from a trip from one of the countries affected by the coronavirus and do not comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19, received in 11 days 27,319 called.

The number was enabled on March 17, the day that President Alberto Fernández decided by decree to close the arrival of flights from risky areas such as Europe, China, South Korea, the United States, Chile and Brazil, and to establish a two-week mandatory quarantine for all the people who returned to Argentina from one of those countries. Likewise, the Covid-19 Unified Security Command was created “for the coordination of quick and effective action measures.”

According to data from the Ministry of Security to which he agreed, on that first day they received 3286 called and from there 221 complaints were derived to the Unified Command for analysis. On March 18 there was 2813 communications and were sent to command 181.

On the 19th there was 2785 calls and 192 complaints were derived to the analysis of the Unified Command. The 20 figures were 2331 and 92; on 21 were registered 1479 calls and 140 complaints; on the 22nd there was 2004 called and 70; 23 were made 2279 and 193 complaints.

Within this framework, on Tuesday, March 24, 2406 275 complaints were called and derived. On the 25th the figure was 2199 and 191; Thursday reached 2254 called and 130 while on Friday the numbers were 2478 and 279.

Until noon on this Saturday, March 28, 1005 calls and 36 of them were derived for analysis by the Unified Command.

The Unified Security Command

It is a group made up of the National Gendarmerie, the Argentine Federal Police, the Airport Security Police and the Naval Prefecture, which aims to prevent and deal with the transmission of the coronavirus in the country.

It was created by the Ministry of Security, a portfolio headed by Sabina Frederic, in order to increase the care, prevention and mitigation policies of the impact of COVID-19 in Argentina.

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