Coronavirus: it is Argentine, it was stranded in New York and it tested positive

Valentina Sosa, a 17-year-old from Mar del Plata who is stranded in New York amid the coronavirus pandemic, and is trying to return to Argentina, tested positive for COVID-19. “I feel physically good, I am asymptomatic“he assured.

The teenager arrived on March 3 to that city and stayed in Queens, at the home of a married couple who were friends of her parents, whom she considers to be uncles. He had a return ticket for the 23rd of the same month but due to the pandemic he could no longer return. Now In addition, he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Valentina Sosa at the time of the test. (Photo: Courtesy Valentina Sosa)

A few weeks ago, her uncles started with the symptoms of the disease and had their tests done. “They had a fever, breakdown, they were having trouble breathing. They stayed locked in the room. We always try to divide up the places in the house so as not to be together,” he told the newspaper. The capital. When the couple had the test, they tested positive.

Referring to what happened to her, she explained: “At no time did I feel bad, I didn’t have a fever or a sore throat. And when my uncles had the test, I went with them; I did it and it gave me positive, with little viral load. I’m asymptomatic. “

Return. The teenager was rescheduled the return trip on several occasions: “I was going to travel to Latam and four flights were canceled: one on the 23rd, one on April 1, another on April 12 and one on May 1. They passed it for June 3, ”he said. But to be able to do it you will have to give negative in a new test. “With my aunt we take a shift in a place to do it to me and define if i can come back in the next few days“, Held.

From New York and in full isolation, Valentina connects to do school things, watches television and constantly video calls with her family. “I am very far from home, almost two months ago. I miss a lot and I feel sad,” he said at the time he concluded: “It was the first time that I traveled alone and I am afraid of planes. It was certainly not the experience I imagined. “

New York, one of the most infected places in the world. (Photo: AFP)
New York, one of the most infected places in the world. (Photo: AFP)

In New York, there were more than 1,480,000 positive cases of coronavirus and almost 90,000 deaths have been recorded since the pandemic began.

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