Coronavirus: in the midst of quarantine, a confectionery in Salta gives breakfasts to police officers in gratitude for their work

After the mandatory quarantine decreed by President Alberto Fernádez to stop the spread of coronavirus, many businesses decided to close their doors. However, others decided to continue opening to supply the population.

And this is the case of a confectionery located in the province of Jump, that every day very early opens its doors and offers free breakfasts to the police in appreciation of their work.

In the video that came to TN and The People, a dozen officers are seen at the door and in the corner of the premises drinking their coffee and eating. In this way they start the day and replenish energy for the difficult task that they have to carry out on the streets.

As soon as the images were known, many were the messages of thanks that came through social networks. “Congratulations to that place, for more like them !!!!”wrote a Twitter user. “To take into account the people of Salta, when this happens to go to that place”, published another.

As reported by the local media The Tribune through of data supplied by Ministry of Security of the Province of Salta, 87.4 percent of people who breached preventive and compulsory social isolation are men. Of the 598 persons detained Since last Friday, when this measure came into force, 523 are men and 75 are women. On the total of delayed, in addition, 68 are under 18 years of age.

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