Coronavirus: in the absence of cigarettes they steal the “puchos” that they leave as an offering to Gauchito Gil

The Gauchito Gil He mobilizes hundreds of faithful every year who come to his shrine in Mercedes, Corrientes province, to ask him and thank him. Now, in times of quarantine, it is news but for a unusual vandalism.

In the last days many were the smokers who complained about the lack of cigarettes in the kiosks. It is that the tobacco companies stopped production and already liquidated what they had in stock. And this is why an unusual event was registered in Comodoro Rivadavia and had the pagan saint as the protagonist.

Many of the faithful who come to venerate him noted that the “puchos” that left them as an offering were missing. This situation occurred at various points in the town of Chubut.

One of the altars of the Gauchi Gil in Comodoro Rivadavia without cigarettes that leave them as an offering. (Photo: Misiones on line).

Who was Gauchito Gil

Gauchito Gil was born in a town near Mercedes, in the province of Corrientes around 1840 and was beheaded on January 8, 1878. He is a pagan saint who is not included in the Catholic liturgy.

Legend has it that his first miracle happened moments before his death: Gil told his executioner that, once he killed him, he was going to go home and find his son very ill, but that if I invoked it, it would heal, and so it would have happened. Since then, Gauchito’s devotees have made offerings and lit red candles for him in the sanctuary located 8 kilometers from the Corrientes city of Mercedes.

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