Coronavirus in Mexico: where there are more infections and which states are involved

The coronavirus issue is latent in the world, since at least 140 countries affected by this new strain have been counted and around 140,000 cases globally, in Mexico alone the cases tripled overnight, according to with the CEO of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, José Luis Alomía Zegarra, There are already 26 infections in the country.

And the increase jumped on Thursday, when 16 cases were announced, as of Friday with 11 new infected and 105 suspects across the country.

Alomía Zegarra reported that the new infected were located in Querétaro, Mexico City, Yucatan, Coahuila, Puebla and Chiapas.

All cases are imported, that is, they are people who made a trip abroad, among the countries that stand out are: Italy, Spain and France.

The director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health announced that in total there are 17 men who tested positive for COVID-19 and 9 women, so the table of the states where they are located would look like this:

Despite the rise of those infected in the country, the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, yesterday announced that Mexico is still in phase 1, since the cases are still imported, without local contagion.

It must be remembered that the traffic light of the Coronavirus is made up as follows:

In this phase is where the country is currently, since there are only dozens of confirmed cases and they are also imported, since the people who fell ill traveled abroad and acquired the virus there.

In this point no restrictions like: shake hands, hold massive events and only keep the population informed of the spread of infections, especially in workplaces and schools.

Phase 2. Community dispersal

This is the phase that Mexico is about to reach, since according to López Gatell, due to the increase in the number of infected, one could move to scenario two.

In this phase, the cases are increasing and are counted in hundreds. People begin to infect each other, whether they have traveled or not.

Here yes there are restrictions like: avoid waving, as well as kissing or hugging and massive events are suspended.

Likewise, filters are installed in work areas and schools, mainly.

To this phase it arrives a couple of weeks after having decreed the previous one, since the infected are already thousands.

At this point, they could hospitalize more people, due to the discomforts caused by the disease.

You should avoid greeting, as well as kissing and hugging.

Classes and work activities are suspended with active outbreaks.

According to researcher Gustavo Cruz, a member of the Institute for Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS) at UNAM, contagions due to coronaviruses in Mexico are inevitable, He stressed that the spread of this disease will impact the country considerably.

“It will be up inside two or three weeks when the number of infections increases exponentially, so knowing this in advance is a good measure to prepare for the imminent epidemic, “he stressed.

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