Coronavirus in Mexico: five IMSS workers were infected with COVID-19

The number of coronavirus infections in the national territory continues to rise, as the Ministry of Health revealed during a press conference from the National Palace that There are already 712 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

On the other hand, the numbers and graphs show that there are already 12 deaths caused by this disease. There is also a total of 2,475 suspects, as well as 3,542 that were negative. It is the fastest growth since the disease came to our country.

During the conference it was also announced that the coronavirus it has already reached the health sector workersBecause several collaborators from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) were confirmed as positive.

Víctor Hugo Borja Aburto, director of Medical Benefits of the IMSS revealed that five medical staff workers inside the hospital were infected, but its acquisition of the virus is granted to the trips.

One of the team members, he assured, contracted the disease while caring for a patient with COVID-19 during his private practice.

“They take risks, some of them, from our older doctors, because is what they decided to dedicate their life to and although they are at higher risk, they are taking care of themselves, “he said.

During the conference they also touched on the subject of the recent protests by IMSS employees, who allege lack of supplies and protective equipment in the institution, in addition to the alleged lack of training in protocols to deal with the pandemic.

Borja Aburto assured that the protests, as well as their demands, from health workers are legitimate. Further, promised that letters will be taken in the matter and considered that the necessary equipment to attend the sanitary emergency will arrive in the coming days.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the 90% of the personnel involved in combat work against COVID-19 have the necessary training to perform each of the tasks assigned to it.

At the moment, Mexico is still in stage two of the traffic light for coronavirus infections, but the Ministry of Health, through the Undersecretary for Prevention and Promotion of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, They assured that reaching the third stage is imminent.

In the words of López-Gatell, the third stage is the “of maximum transmission, is the phase with the highest number of cases per day and is the phase where the main risk is that the National Health System will be saturated

Andrés Manue López Obrador, President of Mexico, revealed at a press conference that he will be the April 19 that we will be reaching phase 3. It is expected to go from hundreds to thousands of those infected, although the contagion curve will be flatter and more uniform than in other countries.

Gatell, for his part, called on the union of all Mexicans to keep us in quarantine and let’s not forget the sanitary recommendations that have been made during the National Day of Healthy Distance.

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