Coronavirus in Argentina | Why the Government does not cancel public transport

Despite the declaration of a national health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government confirmed this Friday that it will not cancel public transport. Minister Mario Meoni explained that the decision is due to the “there is no community circulation” of the virus and assured that, for the moment, they aim to reinforce sanitary measures and the dissemination of information in the different stations and terminals.

The head of the Transport portfolio stated that, at the moment, there is no community circulation of the Covid-19, so they believe that to prevent the possibility of contagion it is enough for passengers “Comply with not touching, sneezing at the elbow crease and washing your hands.”

“What we are doing is strengthen sanitary measures at train and bus stations. We put alcohol gel and hygiene stalls in all terminals, “said Meoni.” We are informing a lot about what should be done in all cases, “he added.

Regarding the hygiene of vehicles and cars, Meoni explained that from the ministry he directs they created four crisis committees -one for each means of transport- who will have the responsibility to control prevention measures. In addition, they must sanction those who do not apply them immediately.

Asked about the situation in the Buenos Aires subways, where the crowding of people does not allow the preventive distance between people to be respected, the minister said that they put “medical points in ports and airports” and that they will also do it at train and bus stations. “We understand that the situation has to do with preventing so as not to have more drastic consequences,” said Meoni.

Regarding the decision to suspend the arrival of flights from countries with high transmission of Covid-19 for 30 days, Meoni explained that, as of Tuesday, the exclusivity to transfer passengers from “risky areas” Aerolineas Argentinas will have it, “with whom we are establishing a flight action plan to destinations in Europe and the United States.”

“With regard to international flights, we are working with the Foreign Ministry, which is receiving complaints,” the minister explained. “We take a restrictive measure immediately and require a report from the companies and airlines that work with Argentina to know the flow of those who had passage to return and those who have to do it within the next 30 days in the country, “he reported.

“We are trying to prevent the entry of people for tourism that could bring the virus,” concluded Meoni.

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