Coronavirus in Argentina | Who is the man who forced to besiege two cities in the interior of the country

“Love terrifies us because it is the only thing that the human being has not learned to handle at will. Love overcomes reason and logic. Love is the only human act that really matters.” The quote by the writer Daniel Habif is the last post he made Danilo Hildner on your Facebook account.

That same day, on March 12, they would confirm that the married woman with whom he had relations upon his return from Spain, would be the second positive case of coronavirus in Córdoba and number 32 in the country.

Like the infected and despite close contact, Danilo was not careful to remain in isolation, as ordered by the Government.

Danilo Hildner plays basketball in Selva. (Photo: Facebook)

After the meeting, the 27-year-old man returned to Selva, a town of four thousand inhabitants in Santiago del Estero where he currently lives and attended a party that his friends from Ceres, his hometown located in the northwest of Santa Fe, also attended.

During the roast, I would have told everyone about his date with the woman in Córdoba. Some would have been outraged to learn that neither of them followed the government’s orders and that their ex had symptoms. One of them even reportedly reported what had happened to the authorities.

The result? The two towns were armored and all of its inhabitants must be quarantined.

The governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, made reference to the case on social networks. And the mayor of Ceres, Alejandra Dupouy, asked the Army to guarantee that there is no income from the neighboring town.

For its part, the Santa Fe Ministry of Security, in charge of Marcelo Saín, took charge of shielding the city from Danilo’s friends.

Now no one can enter or leave because it is prevented by cords of the Santa Fe police located at each entrance to the town of about 15 inhabitants.

The young man in question is a sales consultant and graduated as a runner and public auctioneer at the 21st Century University. He plays basketball, a sport he shares with several of his friends.

“We have no symptoms”, the release of one of the “close contacts”

One of the people who must comply with isolation due to contact with the hammer posted a disclaimer on his Facebook.

“To clarify the paranoid situation that was generated around this coronavirus disease, I will explain that in my particular case I shared an intimate meeting with my friend Danilo Hildner in Córdoba when I didn’t even have symptoms, 11 days ago, “he explained.

“My arrival in Ceres was on Friday night. I was only with my family and my close friends where a list was made to abide by the protocol, in front of my concern since everything about Dani came to light on Saturday,” he assured. .

And he guaranteed that neither he nor any of the 15 friends who were at the meeting in Córdoba have symptoms of the virus. “We also put ourselves to order and with social responsibility to communicate this and do whatever is necessary,” he clarified.

Finally, he denied that he had participated, like the other contacts, in a party in Selva two or three nights ago and wrote: “I am not using this at all, but I felt it was time to clarify things a bit, lower the tension because handling like this we are losing a lot in front of this situation, which deserves maturity, professionalism and above all social responsibility “.

Let’s not apologize for this please, let’s join efforts so that we all come out unscathed and once in this fucking life we ​​do something for the other, “he closed.

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