Coronavirus in Argentina | Víctor Giracoy, another social reference from Barrio 31, died

Víctor Giracoy, a reference in Barrio 31 de Retiro, died this Saturday of coronavirus. Hours later, this Sunday, Ramona Medina, delegate of The Mighty Throat, one of the voices that claimed for the lack of water and overcrowding at the scene, he was also a victim of the pandemic.

The man had been leading the ‘Estrella de Belén’ dining room for more than 25 years. “He was almost 60 years old and was a person at risk because he had diabetes and obesity. He had been hospitalized since last Sunday. We think it was infected in the dining room but we don’t know well“said Héctor Guanco, member of the Barrio Padre Mugica Crisis Committee, in statements to Telam.

For his part, David Lugones, another referent of Barrio 31, indicated in statements to TN: “It is a loss that could have been avoided because we had been advising the City Government since April 1 that the dining rooms were in the first line of fire, and that we needed them to be covered with cleaning and safety items like chinstraps and gloves. “

Giracoy led the dining room 'Estrella de Belén' in Barrio 31. (Photo: Argentine News)
Giracoy led the dining room ‘Estrella de Belén’ in Barrio 31. (Photo: Argentine News)

“The lack of water in the neighborhood is long-standing, it is inhumane that in the midst of a pandemic they are without an element that is basic for washing their hands. This is a workers’ neighborhood where, although isolation was decreed on March 20 We had the first case of COVID-19 on April 20, “he explained.

In a statement issued by the Committee, they confirmed Giracoy’s death and lamented the news: “It is sad to know that your children and family could not say goodbye and sadder it is to know that they are not going to be able to do it, they cannot hug each other to have consolation because they are isolated on different sides. “

“The Padre Mugica neighborhood is in mourning, another victim of COVID-19 in our neighborhood, Víctor Giracoy, better known as the ‘Bear’. He was leading the dining room ‘Estrella de Belén’ with more than 25 years in the neighborhood. His family Like many, it resisted bulldozers in the 1990s, “they noted.

“The Bear was radical and faithful to his convictions, a good cook (we will miss your madness), a devotee of the Virgin of Rosario de Río Blanco and Paypaya, a good father and husband, He came from Jujuy, he was a footballer and had youth teams in the neighborhood“they added.

Ramona Medina, another benchmark in the neighborhood who also died of coronavirus. (Photo: Argentine News)
Ramona Medina, another benchmark in the neighborhood who also died of coronavirus. (Photo: Argentine News)

They also completed: “It is time to become aware, because our most vulnerable loved ones against this virus are in great danger. We will continue in the fight in defense of our neighborhood and our neighbors demanding from the city government all necessary measures to face this health emergency. ”

Giracoy died after spending almost a week hospitalized by coronavirus, which until this week infected more than 851 people in Barrio 31, the most affected in the Federal Capital. There are already 1201 infections in the most vulnerable Buenos Aires sites.

The Committee will ask Monday at a press conference to “immediately declare a health, housing and food emergency” in that territory of Buenos Aires in the face of the “alarming advance” of the coronavirus pandemic.

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