Coronavirus in Argentina | Two towns besieged in Santiago del Estero and Santa Fe due to infidelity

A series of unexpected events led to an extreme decision: to block all access to two neighboring towns of Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero. For now, no one can enter or exit Ceres Nor of Selva and all those who remain within its limits must serve quarantine indefinitely.

It all started with a party. Or perhaps, further back, when a young man from Ceres visited an ex-girlfriend from adolescence, recently arrived from Spain, in Córdoba. The woman, without knowing it, turned out to be case number 32 of Covid-19 confirmed in the province. And she would be married.

The protagonist of this story, Danilo Hildner, without taking into account the recommendations, he later participated in a party in Selva, a town in Santiago del Estero, along with 17 of his friends from Ceres, who he told about the encounter with his teenage love. From there a crisis broke out that crossed the two districts.

When the data is known, the Governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, He ordered that the 4,000 inhabitants of Selva not leave their homes.

“This is the city of Selva this Tuesday, in quarantine and absolutely isolated. All because of two people who violated compulsory self-isolation in the city of Córdoba,” the former senator tweeted.

Hildner and her friends were isolated in Ceres. But that was not all: the city of more than 15 thousand inhabitants also had to be besieged and remains in quarantine.

From this weekend, the Ministry of Security of Santa Fe activated a armor operation in Ceres with the aim of preventing outsiders from entering the city, according to official sources

Through a statement they reported that the means of transport can pass through the route but do not enter the city or drop passengers and the ranchers must have a permit that explains that their visit is strictly necessary.

This Monday, the troops did not allow access to an agricultural producer who could not prove that his visit to the city is essential.

The Province of Santa Fe asked to report any suspected case of coronavirus or failure to comply with the decree issued by the governor on the isolation of 911 or 0800 555 6549.

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