Coronavirus in Argentina | They confirmed a positive case in Villa Itatí de Quilmes and there are 38 suspects in Villa Azul

The municipality of Quilmes confirmed this Friday a positive case of coronavirus in Villa Itatí, an emergency neighborhood located in Don Bosco. In addition, the authorities tested more than 1500 residents of Villa Azul and detected that there are at least 38 people under suspicion having contracted the virus.

Authorities confirmed that, of the 13 suspected cases registered this week in Villa Itatí, 12 were negative and positive one from COVID-19.

This Friday the Mayor of Quilmes Mayra Mendoza and the Mayor of Avellaneda Jorge Ferraresi They carried out a testing and swapping operation to find possible cases of coronavirus in Villa Azul, a neighborhood that includes both districts.

In the framework of the DETeCTAr program (Strategic Testing Device for Coronavirus in the Field of Argentina) that is carried out in coordination with the national and provincial governments, 406 houses were surveyed, 1564 residents of the sector of the neighborhood that belongs to Quilmes. How they were diagnosed 38 suspected cases of coronavirus.

According to the commune, on Saturday the operation will be repeated in the rest of the neighborhood.

“We are in door-to-door neighborhoods again. In the case of Villa Azul, together with the Municipality of Avellaneda because it is a neighborhood that we share, doing an active search for suspected cases to identify people who may have coronavirus, and in this way propose to them hospitalization and recovery while its result is known, “he said Mendoza.

For his part, the mayor of Avellaneda, Jorge Ferraresi, He highlighted: “It is essential to coordinate actions with Quilmes and the rest of the districts of the region. We work together to strengthen the presence of the State in the most vulnerable neighborhoods, with the aim of preventing contagion and the spread of the virus. ”

This week the residents of Villa Itatí had denounced the absence of sanitary measures and tests in the area. Furthermore, in a report by Telenoche, They noted another problem that worsens the situation and makes isolation difficult amid the coronavirus pandemic: They said that the sewers overflow and flood the streets and houses.

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