Coronavirus in Argentina | The mayor of Mar del Plata, furious at the violations against quarantine: “They understood nothing”

Mar del Plata will intensify controls on public roads after a large number of violations of the social, preventive and compulsory isolation decreed by the coronavirus. Despite the fact that recreational outings are not allowed in that city, there were many people who violated the Executive’s directives this Saturday and went for a walk, sunbathing or even hanging out with friends to play ball.

Several of the infractions were shared on social networks by the mayor Guillermo Montenegro and by the Secretary of Security Darío Oroquieta, who became aware of what was happening through the 1100 cameras of the Operations and Monitoring Center.

“They did not understand anything. We are still in quarantine. I understand that the day is beautiful and the city we have is wonderful, but the Social and Mandatory Preventive Isolation continues. Going out for recreation is still prohibited and food is to take home. Let’s be responsible, “Montenegro wrote on Twitter.

Groups of people chatting on the street, friends sharing mate, picnics in the sun’s rays and even people playing soccer were some of the images that sounded the alarms in the city.

Given this scenario, on Sunday controls on public roads were increased, as well as vehicle inspections on the main roads, where police officers ask drivers for the corresponding traffic license.

Vehicle controls on the coast of the city of Mar del Plata were intensified (Photo: TN capture).

“One of the cases that most caught our attention had to do with a couple who went to buy food in a local and then sat down -thinking nothing was wrong- to see the sea and enjoy a day that was very pleasant, although that is not allowed“Oroquieta said in dialogue with TN.

According to the official, the situation was detected by the cameras of the Monitoring Center and Police officers from the Province went to the scene to notify them.

The same thing happened with two other people who ate in a bank. You can go out and buy products to take home, but you cannot consume them on public roads, “he recalled.

In addition, Oriqueta reported that in the seven checkpoints installed in the municipality a total of 927 vehicles were rejected, and that the Justice dictated the first sentence from the jurisdiction for an abbreviated trial for violating the quarantine.

“It is the first with a house arrest of a year and eight months. So we hope that people understand that each of the 13,300 notifications that we did until yesterday they are part of a criminal process that starts from that moment“he warned.

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