Coronavirus in Argentina | The Deliberative Council of Moreno, in quarantine after a meeting with a unionist who tested positive

The Deliberative Council of Moreno ordered the preventive quarantine for all its members and the employees who were at the session of May 14, attended by the union secretary of the truckers union, Marcelo Aparicio, who positive for coronavirus.

Through a resolution, the municipal body decreed the measure from May 18 to May 28. Further, suspended attention to the public.

In a text bearing the signature of Araceli Bellotta, the president of the Council, it was recalled that several councilors andthey were reunited with Aparicio at the guild headquarters and then on the body during the session in question.

For her part, the Mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernández, was in favor of tightening preventive and compulsory isolation, and pointed out that it is necessary to “go back steps, as many municipalities did”.

The communal head of the western party of the conurbano pointed to the fact that “the people of Moreno who go to Capital to work they do it by public transport, And that is a problem”.

“There is always a concern with the activities that are reactivated and that implies that public transport is loaded. We understand the need for people to go to work and for merchants to open, but In these days that it loosened, the speed of the contagions grew“he warned in Uncover Radio.

In the sanitary plane, Fernández said that Moreno is ready for an eventual spike of the pandemic with “500 beds for isolation”, and specified that in the district “the latest infections are linked to people who work in other municipalities.”

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