Coronavirus in Argentina | The City will impose fines and up to 10 days of arrest for those who scan doctors or nurses

The people that discriminate or assault doctors, nurses or any worker in the health system may receive a penalty of 10 days of arrest or one fine of up to $ 17,120.

The Buenos Aires Legislature approved a law that toughens the sanctions for those who commit these acts, after a series of discriminatory facts against health professionals who fight coronavirus on a daily basis.

The most registered grievance was the posting of messages in the elevators in repudiation of the presence in the building of a doctor in contact with the virus.

The project reforms the Buenos Aires Code of Contraventions and defines these attacks as an act of discrimination. The same as those committed for religious, sexual or ethnic reasons, among others.


There are three types of sanctions. In the event that a aggression, the fine can be 2 to 10 days of arrest; 2 to 10 days of public utility work or a fine of $ 400 to $ 2000.

If harassment was attempted without physical contact, the punishment could include from 2 to 10 days of arrest or community work or a fine of 80 to 400 Fixed Units, which is equivalent to between $ 3423 and $ 17120.

In the event that abuse has been registered, the penalty will be 4 to 20 days of public utility work; the possibility of between two or ten days of arrest or a fine of up to $ 17120.

The message of a consortium to a doctor. Credits:
The message of a consortium to a doctor. Credits:

“Due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, certain dysvalious behaviors have been observed by some citizens that show a detachment from the rules of a respectful coexistence, order, tranquility and social peace “, reads the argument of the approved writing.

For these acts of discrimination, the Ombudsman’s Office of the City denounced three consortiums in the neighborhoods of Belgrano, Villa Crespo and Recoleta.

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